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Ratio analysis is a very popular and known technique for doing aquantitative analysis of data of a company’s financial statement. The operation of this process is mainly based on the most crucial statements of finance like statement of income, amount of cash flow in business, the balance sheet etc.

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What is ratio analysis?

Business always has ups and downs, loss and gains, expenditures and earnings etc. These are all basic factors of business. The conditionand status of a company can be judge by these factors. The ratio of these factors with the comparison of other companies can draw a fair picture of the status of a company.

The result of these ratios can be changed with change of time and situations. Its need to be checked whether there is any improvement or deterioration. Ratio analysis is a perfect tool to check these ratiosforevaluating company’s operating systems, financial condition,status, etc.

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Limitations of ratio analysis

Usages of ratio analysis are quite significant, but they have some limitations too. They are:

  • It is useless with single ratio; it means less without comparison.
  • Inter-firm comparisons are impossible through ratio analysis if the business factors are different.
  • It is not concern about the qualitative analysis of the business.
  • It depends mostly on data information so if there is any error in the information; the calculation willgo to be wrong and an incorrect result comes out from this
  • It deals only with past data information, but there is no way of informing about future.

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