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What are the limitations of Journal?

Journal as a particular periodical plays a significant bulletin followed by every industry. Though being a common practice in each sector, journals have their own limitations too:

  • Tricky to handle stuffs:

It is a burdensome task to handle the journal, as it keeps the original records of all transactions every day resulting into voluminous paraphrase making it arduous to keep track of.

  • Unorganized:

Since a journal carries all the business transaction records, it is formed in scattered format. Such a format of journals makes it tough for the students to keep a track of any transaction if theyforget the occurrence date of the activity.

  • Time consuming:

Switching and re-entering the transaction from journal to particular ledger account of each department is a time consuming process which might delay transactions in near future.

  • Lack of source:
  • Journals provide you with the external details of transactions without providing the internal and structured detail of each transaction. Under the absence of important internal resource, the information doesn’t help with fruitful leads each time.

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