Let Us Discuss How to Finish a Thesis in a Week

Finish a Thesis in a Week
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Firstly, let me check with you guys, if you know the meaning of a Thesis. Did you ever complete a thesis alone at any point of your career? I thought of quitting my Master’s since I had to do a thesis. My topic was “Link between Old Age and Depression”. Oh, my, what a harrowing time I had while collecting information. Do keep one thing in mind, always look for and collect primary sources of information.

I was sure, that even god would not be able to help me complete my thesis. I was attempting at pursuing higher studies, as it seemed to be a great path ahead. As, expected my thesis draft ran across numerous pages, some of which was unnecessary and some irrelevant. My thesis drafts began increasing, as every class that I attended with my peers ended in more changes and more changes. I was simply not able to finalise any one.

It was an ambitious attempt; however, I was left with no choice but to complete it. Since, I aimed at pursuing PhD. I had to anyhow attempt at completing my thesis.

Numerous Question Began Puzzling My Mind

Which data should I arrange first? Which section should I write? At what time of the day, I should start writing? And many more questions kept arising. No one teaches you, how to write a thesis. It is something you have to master by picking up bits and pieces from your teachers, professors, tutors and peers. I did the same. I goggled bits and pieces of information and collected notes and took interviews. Yes, that is how a thesis is done.

Number 1 –

You have to know the aim of the thesis. Why are you writing the thesis? What is your hypothesis? You should be able to sum up the thesis statement in one sentence. “The purpose of the thesis is very important….” Some students spend years writing a thesis and by the time, it is complete several developments, which is way ahead of the time, the thesis was written. Now, we are going to learn, how to finish a thesis in a week.

Breakdown the stages of writing a thesis.There are several steps of writing a thesis. They are ideation, interviewing, editing, data analysis and creating drafts, may be 2-3.  Collect various ideas from which ever source, you can lay your hands on. One style does not suit all, so innovate. That is a key to a great idea. Next, collect information.

There can be varied sources, from publications, journals, interviews for first hand reports and so on.  Then comes the data editing and analysis phase. Ask yourself a few questions. Have you collected enough? Have you collected the information from the right source? Is it dependable? Can you argue with your audience, on the basis of the same?

The final stage is finalising the draft. There is a lot of polishing to be done in this stage. Keep changing words, check grammar, polish your sentences, the presentation and keep updating your work. Still wondering, how to finish a thesis in a week. Read further.

Number 2 –

Do not depend upon your teacher or professor. They have other better things to do. They can at the most, guide you. You have to do the main work alone. These academicians are very angry on you, most of the time because of the numerous questions that you had bothered them with. They would rarely, want you to pass with flying colours.  On second thoughts, the role of the academician is to mentor you, not to spoon feed you. Writing a thesis is a very personal experience. You need to do it yourself, to feel the importance. It is actually your baby. You have to nurture it and feed it, to do something in life.

Number 3 –

You will not feel like writing all the time. That can happen to all, huh! Nothing to fear. Enjoy every moment as it comes. Just, jot down the points somewhere, where you would not miss it.

Moving forth, you definitely need not write in perfect order, when you are creating the draft. It can lead to several month’s wait, to complete the project. Want better ways to learn how to finish a thesis in a week? Nah! No one can give you the tips, that you are getting here!

Many people have written their thesis in eight days, flat and I am not joking. They stay at home all day, eat and visit the loo, that’s about it.  Concentrate, breathe well and ideate. That is the mantra, for such challenging periods.  You can easily write about 10,000 words in 3 days. That is a fine time.  Learn to analyse and think over the thesis, when you are not writing. That way, you have ideas and thoughts abound.

Most Mistakes Happen Due to:

  • Technical errors
  • Psychological reasons
  • External factors

The technical reasons are related to not writing on a regular basis. Thus, leading to finishing off in the eleventh hour. You do not set aside a specific time to write. You have not set SMART goals for yourself and your thesis.  You keep revising the same sentences.

Then the psychological factors come into play. This is related to lack of attention, diseases, fear of failing and so on. You need to conquer your inner demons. Other reasons, relate to external noise and happenings around you.

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