Learn the importance of project-based learning in 5 easy steps:

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The old and typical concept of teaching has failed to attract the students. Nowadays, the modern kids are thriving for something more innovative. They want to feel more active, engaged and involved with their subjects and with their teachers. These kids are not just listening puppets. They want to get more realistic when it comes to learning new things. Here lies the effectiveness of project-based learning. Before I go into the core details, here is a general idea of the concept.

What is project-based learning by the way?

If you are not aware of the innovative concept yet, here you go. Project learning is a whole new dynamic approach to teaching students. By adopting this technique, you actually let your students dig deeper into real problems, challenges, and facts of the world.  They can develop their cross-curriculum skills easily while learning in small co-operative groups.

Why opt for project based learning?

You might be wondering what the specialities of the teaching system are.  As I said earlier, the idea is enriched with engaged and active learning. The students get to do much more than just listening to you and taking notes. The students are the assets of our future. You must concentrate on preparing them for the real challenges, despite creating some more bookworms who have no idea how to act in real life.

What are the benefits of project-based learning?

  • Project based learning never fails to inspire and motivate students. The students thrive to gain a deeper perspective on the subjects they are learning.
  • Project-based learning always tempts students to work in a team. They also work individually, but teamwork is a strong part. By working in a group, one learns how to interact with others. They get to know the interpersonal skills.
  • It’s very important as most of the business organizations are based on healthy teamwork these days. If one makes a mistake, the entire team has to clear the sheet off the floor. Therefore, it becomes very important to maintain a proper balance in a team. As students will be the future professionals, they must learn these.
  • Having a good communication skill is really important these days. Doesn’t matter whatever job you do, if you can speak properly, you will nail it. Convincing others with a bold personality is very essential. Most of the designations involve public relation agendas. Project-based learning enhances all these qualities in a student.
  • Students have to complete their projects on their own. They have to do detailed research and analysis for this. Informative contents are needed to complete these kinds of projects. The students can develop their analytical skills in the course of learning.
  • Usually, students get evaluated on the scale of their projects and activities. It’s far better than judging them based on their exams and written reports. Often many of them find their hidden talent or passion while doing the realistic projects.

You can see helping your students in more than one ways is satisfying. As a teacher or mentor what else could make you happier?

What are the usual steps of the project based learning?

Here are five easy steps of the learning system:

  • Let students act and learn:

As I elaborated earlier, it is a highly engaging activity. Many times the teachers instruct the students how to complete the project. But that is not the right way. The motto of project-based learning is that the student needs to apply their knowledge and intelligence.

Obviously, you must help your students out when they are confused. But setting out the way for them is wrong. Let them think, let them plan their way to the success. Be there to hold them if they fall during their journey. But you should always let them take the initiatives first.

  • Set the product, purpose and target audience:

As a teacher, you have to design the project for your students. What kind of projects to choose for which group? You could face difficulties at this point. Every student is different. You have separated the in small groups. Every group is waiting for you to assign those works. The situation can be pretty scary, but you should not worry.

In order to be clear about your project designs, try to analyze these aspects: What will the group create? Why are they doing it? What will they learn by doing this project?

  • Have your student prepared with a driving force:

Well, you have created the teams; you have assigned projects to them. New what? Your duty doesn’t end here. They must think on their own. They must do the things on their own. But remember, they are the learner. They are learning new things. And they needed to be motivated a lot.

You have to drive and stimulate the thinking and learning process f your student. You have t provide them with enough driving force. Constantly interact with them, criticize and analyze their work, guide them how to improve.

  • Try to arrange some question-answer rounds:

Usually, most of the students feel curious to take part any debates or quiz contest. They are always up to show you what they have learnt. The learner has a tendency to impress their teacher by showing their abilities. This is meant to be taken in a good way. Motivate your students to show their skills but in a good way. They must be competitive with other teams. But you need to follow up that they are taking the process positively.

There is no place for unhealthy competitions between the learners. However, get your students involved in small debates. They will get to know themselves better by participating.

  • Evaluate every student fairly:

Remember, you are trying to set your students on the right path. You also have to be on right path first. Evaluate every student equally when it comes to the result. There is no mercy for showing favoritism.

So, these are the basic steps of the project based learning. If you want to know more, read the ‘Top 6 effective classroom management ideas that will transform your teaching’. Also, there are many online professional websites out there to help you out.