Last Minute Tips to Finish Your Assignment within Deadline

11 Jun Last Minute Tips to Finish Your Assignment within Deadline

Frankly, this is not an ideal situation one would find themselves at, as piling up things until  last moment puts considerable amount of strain on our work, well being and marks. However, one may definitely find themselves in a situation where things have to be done at the last moment. Thus, following certain real life suggestions might help students to overcome stress and at the same time improve the quality of their work and reduce the risk of committing the educational crime called “plagiarism.”

Following are some last minute tips that will help you to finish your assignment within deadline:

Tip # 1:Plan your work first:

Working without a plan is like driving a car without knowing the location that too without a GPS locator. Hence, it is always advisable to write or draw a plan before starting to work on an assignment. Drawing a plan for a given assignment increases our understanding of the assignment and simultaneously also helps us in knowing what exactly has to be researched on in an assignment. Technically, drawing up a plan for an assignment is called deliverable. So, you should prepare your deliverable first.  You may plan your work by following these given steps:

  • Begin with formation of a thesis sentence:

This helps to identify the direction in which the assignment has to move on. Basically, this helps in formation of the sequence of points that are to be addressed in the given topic or question.

  • Structure your assignment:

Structuring an assignment helps students to organise half-formed ideas into life with the help of persuasive and logical reasoning. A student, who is visually strong, may prefer to plan or structure the assignment in their minds whereas; other students prefer writing down a plan for their assignment.

  • Type of assignment:

Structuring your assignment is not only helpful to form and give ideas to life but it is also influenced by the form of assignment you have to write, that is, essays, journals or reports. For example, in essays we do not use headings and sub headings while in reports and journals one may use plenty of sub headings or headings.

Tip # 2: Begin with keyword research:

For students who work on their assignments at high time, face a very big problem that is research. They often complain that no information is available on the internet for a given topic. The best way to overcome this problem is by breaking research into different parts or keywords.

A simple keyword research on Google helps in clearing our understanding about the given topic. Wikipedia is one such source that provides us with basic information, however, remember, that Wikipedia cannot be used as an authentic source of referencing.

Tip # 3: Use Google scholar for a broader research

Just like how Google clarifies our basic understanding about the given topic correspondingly Google scholar helps in broadening the scope of our research.  If the given topic or question is researched on Google scholar then the available articles, scholarly journals and e books are easily available.

Thus, research on Google scholar eases collection of secondary data. Additionally, Google scholar also makes citation easier as it contains the popular referencing styles available on their given site such as Harvard, APA, Vancouver, Chicago and MLA.

Tip # 4: Keep taking regular breaks

It is understandable that students have considerable amount of pressure when it comes to finishing their work at the zero hour. However, one should not forget that despite of having work pressure on us we should enjoy our work by taking regular breaks. Breaks helps in the following ways:

  • Rejuvenates mind and body
  • Relaxes the work force or load
  • Helps in the management of energy and stress levels
  • Formation of self-imposed deadlines

Hence, it may be said that taking regular breaks from continuous working to relax, eat or drink help us to work smartly. Students might think that they are only taking out time to eat or drink but if they join their friends or flatmates for a meal, it will refresh their brain and will help them to work more productively.

On the other hand, if students sit at one place for a long period, blood circulation is reduced and less oxygen reaches brain. If students aim to take 5 to 10 minute break at the end of every hour, it shall help them to relax and reduce their lethargies.

Tip # 5: Work on Quality not Quantity

The given word limit for an assignment is the limit and not a goal. If an assignment is given that has to be written in 1500 words, Professor would prefer to read an informative and well-written piece in 1000 words rather than repetitive information in 1500 words. If a student is really stuck in for time, they may use bullet points to explain key points of the assignment without repeating similar points repeatedly.

Tip # 6 : Proofread your Work before submitting:

One of the best ways to avoid making errors in an assignment is by proof reading them on our own before submitting them. This helps in reducing errors that one may make due to carelessness. Proof reading may be defined as the process in which a material may be read to mark or identify errors before submitting them. Marking errors and rectifying it before submission helps in scoring good marks from the University.

Tip # 7: Take care of yourself:

When students are in a hurry, especially when they are stressed or tired, there is a likelihood of committing unintentional mistakes and adopting dubious strategies that may put them at the risk of academic misconduct. For example, misunderstanding the question or not understanding it at all may make students miss on the key points, which in turn will make them loose marks.

Additionally, when work is completed in a hurry, there is often little time left for revising or proofreading the same. This can make a difference as the Fail or the Pass grade depends on the final work that is submitted to the University.

The stress and the problems of doing assignments in the last moment can be avoided easily with better planning and management of time.