Know the Reasons Why Homework Is Bad for Students!

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To any student the worst thing is homework. As a student in this present day and age, there is tremendous pressure on performance and these assignments are a constant in hand of the teacher to put more stress on the student.

Even though the intention of these teachers is pure and they only want to help the persons but in the end, this can have a major negative effect.

Recent research and studies have shown that due there are enough valid reasons which can be stated as substantial reasons why homework is bad for students.


The importance of homework cannot be denied at any point of time. It is this way in which students learn better.However, studies have indicated several shortcomings in the system of such evaluation and assessment which exists.

Main reasons why homework is bad for students have been encapsulated below:

  • Exerts pressure

Children are under extreme level of pressure today, and these added tasks simply lead to an increase in burden. This can lead to severe difficulties forchildren and it is best to avoid homework. Class assignments are not totally discouraged but continuous daily homework will only lead to the student being overburdened and not do any good in the long run.

  • Insufficient time

Since students have more than one subject and if every teacher assigns a whole lot of homework these persons will feel completely overwhelmed at the shortage of time. This will simply lead them to do their work in a fast and haphazard way that is neither encouraged nor supported. It is better to let children absorb and learn at their own rate without making them multi-task in a short time span.

  • Flawed system

The system which the teachers use is itself flawed. Most of these tutors start by explaining the simple sums and give extremely difficult tasks for homework. Instead it can be a more synthesized manner where the child is taught all kinds of possible questions and then given a set to tackle at home.

  • Psychological stress

Every student is different while some have the ability to cope wonderfully with stressful situations which homework create others feel burdened and are inclined to develop a severe amount of psychological stress. Inability to perform can cause shame, guilt and frustration that can cause them to take wrong decisions like cheating or forgery from others. Hence this is one of the biggest reasons why homework is bad for students.

  • Excessive reinforcement

Most experts have no doubt that the whole point of assigning work to do at home is to make sure that what is taught in the classroom is reinforced. However, at times this can be overdone, and this is the major cause for loss of retention. When too much is taught at a go, then the pupil hardly remembers anything that has been covered by the teacher in class.

  • Mental breakdown

Most persons do not realize and appreciate the true the pressure that homework causes. More and more people face mental breakdowns as they are unable to cope with the work which is given to them under different disciplines. It is very hard to cope and excel in all subjects and hence the increasing grievance with this system is causing major problems.

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