Know All the Funny Excuses for Not Having Your Homework

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As homework has always been our tremor, especially the one those after long vacations. So what you students most commonly do is forget about homework after enjoying the holidays and then the next day is school and college try to manage things with excuses.

So if students- you are thinking that you did not do your homework and excuses can rescue you from getting punished. Then you are wrong. I have heard a lot about excuses and found a variety of excuses. The funny excuses for not having your homework amaze me. The students can so easily blame technologies, busy schedules. When they speak out, they seem so confident and sound that things are so obvious. How can’t I believe?

However, if I even believe in your hoax, stories which will ultimately be suffering? Because once you come in the habit of escaping homework, assignment and duties in time, it will become your habit. Later in future, it’s you who will be suffering in the world full of competitions. Then,funny excuses for not having your homework will help you no way!

A serious note to all the parents and teachers concerned is that if you encourage these students, then they will be in trouble for the future. So better to make students understand the facts. But it is okay to have fun at it at their back, never in front of them. That would mean that you are encouraging them.

However, before discussing the funny excuses for not having your homework, I would like to tell you about the consequences of not doing homework on time or escaping things giving excuses.

  • Just think after you completed giving reasons and then you just go caught in front of the whole class. How embarrassing would it be?
  • Though the consequence of getting caught will depend on the type of teacher dealing with, still it would be an incredibly shameful thing. So better either to confess or to do regular homework. Homework must come on your priority list. In the worstcase, parents can also be called, or you may get severe punishment.
  • The next immediate thing which students must think before lying is trying being honest. Tell the teacher the actual reason for not doing your homework. Yes, the teacher might scold you or punish you. But why? It’s for your good. So that you never forget your responsibilities and duties ever again.
  • Some things that must be noticed before being honest that what the teacher is like? Finally, compare both the consequences and then decide yourself which you must do. Give funny excuses for not having your homework or doing all of the homework without any issues.
  • Always keep homework on your priority list. Make things like the first thing to do is to complete the homework and then do the rest fun part. So what is so tough in that? Apply some simple tricks like do homework after coming from school.
  • If you have plans to go out and play or hang out, then make a plan and first complete your homework and keep the rest world aside. Make sure that when you are doing so, you are away from hustle bustles where no one can disturb you.
  • The last and final habit that every student has to develop is to stop lying. Lying will no way help the students to escape from homework but will grow it as a habit. Then just think how bad it will be if you can be marked as a liar.
  • Later in future when you will be working in an office and lying to the boss about silly things just imagine when you are caught and being insulted.

So now coming straight to the point! Now I would feel glad to share with everyone about my experiences. The experience of all the funny excuses for not having your homework that I have ever heard in my life-

  1. “I was kidnapped and so I couldn’t do my homework.