Know 8 Best Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Your Child

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Reading is one of the best ways to explore the unexplored. It can give you immense joy and satisfaction which no other way can offer you. It is both a parent and the teacher ardent duty to inculcate the importance of reading among children from their tender age. Take it as a mission to imbibe the habit of reading among each and every child.

As a parent it is also your duty to read books in front of child. We all know that children learn a lot from their parents. If they see that their parents are very much involved in reading then they would try to adopt that quality from an early age.

What are the 8 best ways to cultivate a love of reading in your child?

  1. Read, read and read more:

The simplest step is start reading from today. Do not delay. Bring out your inner habit of reading. Read anything from newspaper to magazines to any books. You should read for gathering more information, pleasure, getting connected with others, to know about others problem and so on.

Start to increase your reading time by little and check whether your little one is imitating you or not. One day you will be surprised to notice that your little one is reading a book just beside you.

  1. You can share your wonderful reading experiences:

You can share all your reading experiences with your colleagues, friends and with your students. You are bound to get back overwhelming feedback from them. Tell your child how you loved to read as a child, how you love to read with his dad together. Tell them how exciting it is to visit a library. It makes you joyful to see a library of books.  You can re arrange the book shelf and tell your child to help you in the process. This involvement will make him very happy.

Besides, there are also different sites where you can post your own reviews and criticisms and can read about other reader’s views. This type of site can yield a lot of fun and encouragement. You can join here to grab the maximum benefit from them.

  1. Socialize with students and friends around reading:

By inviting friends and colleagues to different book clubs, literature circles and reading groups, you get the opportunity of reading together. Many students find it extremely helpful to interact with each other around reading texts. You can encourage kids to get involve with these reading clubs and goodreads also. It will be a fun time for them also and will cultivate a love of reading in them.

  1. Arrange a field trip for your child:

Doesn’t the idea sound interesting? Yes it is one of the thrilling ways to invoke reading in your child. You can simply visit a local book store, a university library and let your child touch the books he wants to. There a child may find option for reading a number of pop up books, animal books and fairy tales along with big pictures.

All these kind of books will create an imagination in their little mind. Parents can organize this type of short trip to different book stores, so that the children get stimulated towards books.

  1. Listen to a number of audio books:

It is also another great way to listen to some audio books. You can encourage your students to listen. It will not only help you to develop fluency but will also help you to acquire strong vocabulary. Children can be meant to listen to these audio books before bed time. Little children will get the opportunity to visualize a dragon, a palace, a forest, and wild animals and so on.

  1. Try to draw a connection between reading and their related issues:

There has always been a strong connection between reading books and their political connection. There are many books which are written on the background of a war, or a particular political situation. There are many books that describe the period during world war and the people living at that time.

You can help your child by narrating the socio political background so that they get interested. As soon as they find this political situation intriguing, hand them those books. They will be glued to finish those.

  1. Reading strategies need to be taught:

All teachers and parent should take the responsibility for teaching certain reading strategies. Teachers can go through some PD so that they can teach some reading strategies. Kids may stop reading as soon as they will find them uninteresting.

In order to encourage children, you must teach them some skills to read. If the book has more writing and less pictures, then a child loses his interest. Initially you should buy books with lot of pictures, so that they can understand a lot by staring at the picture.

  1. You can organize a party for read- a – thon:

In some schools they organize a read- a – thon time for the kids. What they did was really fascinating. Children came to school wearing PJs; they brought stuffed animals and pillows to school. After that they were allowed to re -read their preferred books. They were also allowed to choose a challenging book.

Teachers and administrators get involved with this reading time and the children were overjoyed. The final outcome was a class of jubilant children talking only about the books. Similarly a party like this can be arranged where small children can be invited to participate and share similar experiences.