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Kinematics machines are nothing but the base of any kind of real life mechanism. It needs to follow:

  • Grashoff’s law
  • Kennedy’s theorem

In order to run a successful mechanism.

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What is kinematics?

Kinematics is basically that branch of science that deals mainly with motion. It doesn’t take into consideration forces which is responsible in causing the motion.

Want to know about kinematic link?

The machine element consisting of relative motion with respect to all the other parts of machine element is called a kinematic link.

Learn about kinematic pair:

The joint of two links which is able to permit the relative motion between the links or elements is called a kinematic pair. There are types of pair. They are:

  • Higher pair: it is formed when the two elements get point contact between them.
  • Lower pair: on the other hand when two elements get surface contact between them then lower pair is said to be formed.

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What is kinematic chain?

The total number of links here are connected in such a way so that the relative motion of a particular point on a specific link with respect to some other point of the link will definitely follow a governing law is called a kinematic chain.

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