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JavaFX Script is a scripting language that is designed by Sun Microsystems. It targets the domain of Rich Internet Application, with competitors like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flex. It specializes in developing of apps that are visually rich for both mobile and desktop. Through our JavaFX Script assignment help, you can learn all about this scripting language. With the help of our experts, you can start coding in JavaFX.

What is JavaFX?

JavaFX Script, or quite simple JavaFX is a scripting language that is statically typed and declarative. It has a declarative syntax, first class functions, incremental dependency based evaluation and list comprehensions. This scripting intensively uses Java2D Swing GUI components.

As mentioned, this scripting language supports object orientation. JavaFX script will seem familiar to you if you already know other languages kike Java, Groovy, JavaScript, Jruby or Adobe ActionScript. However, there are some major differences. You can rely on our JavaFX Script homework help to know how Java FX Script differs from all these languages.

More about JavaFX Script

JavaFX Script can be conceptually broken down into two primary levels, class and script. The functions and variables can be defined at script level, which can then be shared with the classes that are defined within script. They may even be shared with other scripts and their classes if they have wide access rights.

Additionally, loose expressions can also be created, which are expressions that are declared outside the definition of a class. All the loose expressions are evaluated when a script is evaluated.

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Aside from script level, instance functions and variables are defined by a class. These must be instantiated first into an object before it is used. The class variables or functions can access the variables or functions of script level within same script, or from other scripts with the required access rights.


Although JavaFX supports conventional pure scripting, it also has reuse capabilities and support for encapsulation, being object oriented. Due to this, developers can use the scripting language for production and maintenance of small scale to large scale apps.

The seamless integration with Java is another notable feature of JavaFX Script. The visual designers and interface programmers who are familiar with scripting languages will find the programming code layout to be matching the actual GUI layout, which makes it easier to understand.

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