Is Your Child a Victim of Peer Pressure? Learn to Recognize the Problem

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There are proven results on students suffering with avid stress or panic attacks due to various reasons. The most common cause behind it is the mental pressure caused by homework and assignments. I won’t say that this is purely because those tasks are immensely tough but the time needed to finish them up is not much. They have studies and they have to do regular homework and then there are assignments. So it is quite clear that the missing link is time management.

But time management may not always be possible for those students by themselves. An experienced guidance can be helpful. But can they be quicker to ask for help? There are some certain signs that prove the existence of stress but as I mentioned students are slow to recognize them on time. This is when you need to take it on your hand and understand what is happening with your child and then try to solve them before they cause harm to your child’s mental and physical condition.

Signs that your kid is under stress:

  • Panic attacks can occur anytime and anywhere:

I had a friend who suffered from panic attacks. The first time I saw her having such attack she was sitting on the hall way holding her knees with her arms and feeling out of breath. When I enquired she said it was not the first time. It was not a good thing to bear in silence and I sort forced her to take a support from our university counseling center. She started recovering with expert assistance from the counselors.

Your child may have this type of incidents but don’t ignore them. Try to ask them if these are happening frequently or not? Consult a doctor and if it is stress and mental pressure then take a professional support. Don’t hesitate by thinking it is abnormal. Many students are suffering these issues which can be treated very easily in the initial state.

  • Recognize the short-term signs of mental pressure:

You may not grab any idea before if your child is under pressure. Certain tensions and unpleasing environmental occurrences can influence the signs of mental stress in your child. They might be short in nature but if not paid enough attention to release them early it may cause long-term stress. These are some signs:

  • A sudden attack to leave your child out-of breath and hyper breathing and faster heartbeats.
  • Sweating unnaturally and feeling their hands, feet and even their skin becoming cold.
  • In the tension their muscles will start to tighten.
  • Hallucinating and feeling sick suddenly.
  • A chronic attack to feel they need to go to toilet ‘right now.’
  • Feeling tired and fatigued without doing something heavy.
  • Suffering with almost regular headaches.


  • Already into the stage of long-term mental stress:

If unwillingly or willingly you have left your child suffer those short-time stress factors then it is going to move on the second stage. These are tough to fight back. Some signs will stay permanently in their body and have greater effects. These are some of those signs:

  • A sudden change in sleeping habit. Either they will start to sleep more than they did before or less than they should. You will find them unable to sleep even they are having a holiday or so.
  • Changes found in their food habit. Either they will start eating everything or they will not feel hungry at all!
  • Positive signs of nervous attack such as nail biting, twitching, teeth grinding etc.
  • Catching cold or flu often.
  • Suffering with unhealthy bowels and also skin problems.
  • Feeling tired always and worn out even just waking up in the morning.


  • The effects of stress on your child:

You can find these results as an after math of both short and long term stress factor on your kid:

  1. Worrying without any serious problem or worrying too much.
  2. Feeling anxious all the time.
  3. Rather confused in matters and aimlessly searching for easy problems.
  4. Mostly overwhelmed and losing control on things.
  5. Mood swings and getting angry quickly.
  6. Feeling dissatisfied and taking too much time on selecting or making a decision.
  7. Overreacting on things and irrational. Either they will become offensive or lose complete defense.
  8. Neglecting school and homework. Addicted with drugs and cigarettes.
  9. Feeling unnatural fear for thunder or lightning and signs of claustrophobia.

How to regain their natural lifestyle:

A student will have pressure but having stress for that is not natural at all. Parents need to be very careful and help their child regain their normal lifestyle back. Too much delay can cause harm to their health. If you are worried about their falling grades because of this stress factor don’t panic and check out “What are the things you need to keep an eye on to improve your teen’s academics?