Is It Better to Do Hard Homework First?

19 Apr Is It Better to Do Hard Homework First?

‘Are you facing some troubles working on the subjects that you find hard?’‘Are they your least favourite?’‘Looking at ways to tackle your problems?’ ‘Is it better to do hard homework first?’ Well, it is only natural that you are facing some trouble working on the hard stuff. There will be some aspect of your curriculum which you will find hard to understandand will reserve for sometime later to work on it.

However, that is not always the intelligent way out. Many researchers have found out that if you work on the harder aspects of your homework later, you are less likely to complete them. So still wondering whether you should start working on the harder stuff or not?

Why is it better to do hard homework first?

There are a number of reasons to start working on the harder aspect of your homework.

  • It allows you to take up the task work first as you are focussed and refreshed and thus, allowing you to work better.
  • When you work on your difficult homework first, it means that you are putting away with the most challenging part of your assignment. It makes working on the rest of the pile easier, making the work stress-free.
  • Most of the tough assignments comprise of grades which matter at the end of the year. Once you start working on it first, it means that your grades are not compromised at any level.

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get where you’ve always got.’

What classifies as hard homework?

Now that you understand “why is it better to do hard homework first?” it is imperative that you understand what is classified as ahardassignment. This can be really subjective. It depends on how comfortable you are with a subject, how you can tackle the challenges, how much grade does it carry and so on.

Like for example, to some students, an assignment on history might seem hard; whereas to others,an assignment on maths might be difficult, which is due the next day.

Why should easy assignments be done first?

However, many people love to work on their easy assignments first. Despite knowing the fact that it might rob them of the capability to concentrate on the important stuff later, they still like to work on such cases first. Listed below are some reasons why students do their easy assignments first:

  • It gives them a boost to their self-esteem that makes them focus on the task at hand. Also, the confidence boost makes them more interested in their work.
  • It mitigates procrastination and doesn’t leave anything for later.
  • It finishes off the assignments so that there is less number of items on that checklist to cross off.

The verdict: should hard assignments be done first?

Well, it is true that working on hard assignments first makes the students more productive, helping them to finish off the homework faster. Moreover, it allows less amount of opportunity for procrastination, thus, ensuring that your work is done right.

However, if you find the homework too hard to complete on your own, you can always seek help. Find out the various educational professional websites that help students combat such difficulties. They allow you to understand it better and work alongside you so that you can finish off any homework, without any problem.

An alternative way

While working on the hard stuff or easy stuff first might not work for you, you can find a middle ground, an alternative way to help out your situation. You can simply alternate and do your assignments accordingly. This means that if you find English and history hard and find maths and chemistry easy to work upon, and then finish your English assignment first.After getting it done, go for maths, then history and then your chemistry assignments or do it the other way around.

The various benefits of availing the alternative

From the previously stated points, you have found a middle ground to your query to why is it better to do hard homework first. Now you might be wondering how it couldpossibly benefit you. Well, there are many actually. This alternative way is a great way to get your homework done without being bored. Listed below are some of the benefits that this method provides with:

  • Students actually enjoy their work. This is because they start off with something challenging or something easy, whichever best suits their personality and gives them a good boost of confidence to keep them working on the rest.
  • Students feel like they have accomplished a great feat once they are done with the assignment as they can check it off.
  • They start on the hard assignments when they can put in their optimum effort and thus, helps them to improve their quality of work.
  • They are less likely to protest doing their homework if they start with the easy stuff first and then move on to the harder assignments.
  • Due to the presence of frequent breaks, the students feel relaxed while working on it and are better focused on concentrating on their work.
  • This ensures that majority of the work is done and there is no scope for procrastination.

So, start working on your hard assignments and get done with themajority of the assignments to enjoy the rest of the day off. Happy studying!