Is Homework Necessary for Students or Not?

27 Jun Is Homework Necessary for Students or Not?

Since years, parents and teachers have been debating about the helpfulness of homework. Sometimes the word ‘homework’ evokes a sense of negativity to all the people involved like parents, students and teachers. There is a wide difference of opinions to find – is homework necessary.

Some find that homework does more harm than help since it causes serious levels of unnecessary stress for everyone. Some others think that homework assignment has great advantages for kids as it can encourage them in thinking independently out of the classroom.

What are the benefits?

  • One of the primary benefits of doing homework is the close working of student and teacher together.
  • Students generally discuss their assigned work or other problems regarding the problems or some sections of the textbook with the tutors before or after the classes are over. From this, you get to know – is homework good or bad.
  • Another advantage of homework is bringing of families close since kids will generally ask for help from their parents or older siblings, and this is such a nice way to bond.
  • This will help the students to gather a deep understanding of the assignments in the parts they are stuck and also allow parents and others to be more involved in the educational life of the student.
  • To know – is homework necessary, you must know that benefit of homework lies in the fact that it prepares students for big and vital exams. As a student, if you perform poorly in an assignment then you can learn where you are lacking and work on it, in order to score well in the upcoming tests.
  • The work also helps to acquaint a student for practicing and doing extremely well in school. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.
  • Note that if you practice your own homework, it also builds a great sense of responsibilities. When students are assigned work on one day, and they need to submit it the next day, they will surely grow a punctuality and responsibility sense as they need to finish their work on time.
  • The scores of homework guide parents as to know how their wars are doing in school and also help them in developing a better idea of how to improve the performance of the child.

Some students, parents and even teachers think that after spending 7-8 hours in school lessons, it is a bit of burden on students to come home and work for another three hours. But schoolwork is also required as it allows students to recap and practice the chapters taught in class.

For example, in a science class, you will see that teacher is often taking up majority of lesson time to teach or say things so that you are able to understand in class. But this information may get lost from your mind in a short time period, so then homework is needed.

It is helpful for students in exploring and getting a deep understanding of the subject in details and surely it cannot be done in classroom period as the time is constrained.

Homework makes you practice as well as recap the important notes taught in the class and helped the brain cells to digest properly. This keeps the memory to retain in the brain for an elongated time frame. Hence this is much needed in assisting students to learn in depth.

The impending Harm

You must also read the following points to know exactly – is homework necessary or not:

  • One of the first and foremost reasons that children must not be assigned enough homework is since they already reel under the pressure of so many subjects and exam, so they need some time off to relax minds.
  • The burden to finish homework each night is a quite scary though for most kids as they want some time to refresh their mind and body.
  • Also if the child is so much involved in studies and doing homework in their leisure time as well they are not able to mingle with the family members enough.
  • As you know, family time is very significant to help a child grow without any social blocks and too much homework compromises on the family unit due to less time together.
  • Homework has been causing conflict with parents and kids when the child does not want to do an overwhelming task and the parent pressurises them to complete it.
  • Excess baggage of homework may even encourage cheating habits in children as they quickly want to copy each other’s work in order to complete every assignment on time. So they get rewarded after submitting their projects, but at the end, they learn nothing in the process, it does not do any good for them.
  • Lastly, most teachers suffer from time shortage as they need to grade papers, design lessons and consult teaching methods to manage lessons. So the time when the students get their papers checked from tutors the class has moved to the next topic, so it becomes hard to focus again on the previous homework.


So it seems an optimum level of homework is much important for student, but surely not an overdose of it.