Is Homework Necessary for High School Students?

27 Jun Is Homework Necessary for High School Students?

The topic of doing homework has always been in controversy. Students from the old ages have been facing problems and difficulties regarding this. The debate over the topic- “Is homework necessary for high school students?” is an old one.

People’s attitudes towards the debates have been evolved over years. There are multiple types of perspectives and concepts about the necessity of doing homework. Basically, teachers consider homework as the basic extensions of learning at high schools.

Students often face difficulties in focusing on the class assignments. They lack the motivation to do homework on time. Several discussion and surveys on how to concentrate on the tasks have happened. There are many web contents, depicting about the need of doing homework.  Having done so much, students do face a problem with this issue regularly.

Many new concepts of teaching and guiding have also been improvised lately. The importance of doing homework is often being questioned over a few years.

What are the contradictions evolving around this issue?

Some believe that doing homework is very important to extend your skills. Some questions about the role of homework in confirming student’s grade.

There are many trending questions like should homework be assigned? Should it be graded on a daily basis? Should teacher take this issue so seriously? Is it alright to create such pressure on a student? How should be monitoring and analyzing process?  Does it need to be very strict? Or will there be certain flexibility?

All these questions, sums up into a basic one, are homework necessary for students? Read on to find out all the possible answers below.

Basic outline:

Are you wondering how is homework necessary for high school students? Well, before finding out the answers, you have to know the basic. First, try to understand what homework is. Why does it matter anyway? Do you have any idea?

Class assignments are actually out-of-class tasks given to students. These could be considered as an elaboration or extension of classroom work. There are three stages of homework: Preparation, Practice and Extension.

Homework could be the way how a student showcases his/her skills. It is the best way to flaunt the newly acquired lessons. Like if you have recently learned new math tricks, you can solve some sample problems to sharp up.

Preparing this way would help you for the class tests and final semesters. If you have done a detailed research on a particular topic, you can take part in the class debates. It’s always good to be prepared beforehand. Isn’t it? That is the basic outline of the need of doing homework.

Moving to the concept of extension assignments, these are continuing process. These are ongoing long term projects which parallel class work.  You can apply the day-to-day classroom learning to complete such assignments.  Science term papers and fair projects are some instances of these extension projects.

 Is homework necessary for high school students?

As I said earlier, home assignments help you to understand a project better. You can easily understand the class discussions in the next day. The practice also provides multiple career opportunities related to the school projects.

Students can also develop their skills of research by working on home assignments. The research is highly required in the jobs of corporate level.

“Who can’t research well, can’t execute a project properly.

You need to take the help of notebooks, study materials and even the internet while doing homework. These habits lead you to good research.

Students have a specific deadline for submitting the projects. They have to complete the entire task within the given time. The dedication to meet the deadlines always leads to greater responsibility.  You can easily become an independent learner by doing homework.  You will also learn to become self-independent.

How parents get involved?

Hopefully, you are clear about the value and necessity of doing homework. Now let’s move on to the issue that how can parents help a child to do homework. Here are some tips:

  • As a parent, you have to check out how much homework your child has to do. If you are concerned about the amount of the work, discuss with teacher or principal.
  • You should encourage your child to note down all the important things taught in the class, so no questions would arise at home.
  • Arrange a suitable sitting arrangement for your child. He/she needs a peaceful and quiet place to sit and focus on the studies.
  • Provide the child with some delicious snacks and drinks in between his/her studies. That could be an amazing break time.
  • Ask your child to take short breaks of ten to fifteen minutes. Doing the works for a long time could affect his/her eyes and brain. Taking little gaps are really
  • You have to monitor the television watching time for him/her. Make a specific schedule of his/her homework.

Are you still confused that is homework necessary for high school students? If so, you can check the information on homework help tips for students.