Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Research?

27 Jun Is Homework Harmful or Helpful Research?

Is homework harmful or helpful research? -This question is a concern for all students that whether homework is really helpful or not. Some may find it a burden to deal with and others may treat it as a medium for practicing. Different people will have different views on it and there is no way to escape it. Homework should be given to the students but in limits. It should not mentally pressurize them and create a stressful situation.

Is homework harmful or helpful research? – This question will give you the perfect answer where you will come across with research institutes and research scholars that have different opinions on this matter. Let us have a look at some very useful information on this matter which highlights this perspective from both the sides, positive as well as negative.

Research that highlights its positive side

  • Various researches state that it should not be the goal to eliminate But it should be made more meaningful and skill oriented, which enhances skill development in children.
  • There are some countries which spend a little time for homework which is generally 2 to 3 hours in a week, and then also they have high PISA rankings. They have a realistic approach in dealing with homework.
  • Different types of research(worldwide) make a point that homework is about the quality and not quantity. So if it is within limits, then it can be a medium of gaining knowledge, practicing and developing time management skills.
  • 30 minutes of daily homework can help to increase the GPA for a student by half a point. It is a useful tool for preparing for exams beforehand and thus creating less panic during exam days.
  • It develops study habits among students and they learn the ability to deal with their mistakes and various difficulties that they encounter with while doing homework.
  • Principals of various schools agree that homework is very essential to retain whatever the children have learned in their class and to practice new concepts.


Taking from the positive side will help the students to find out the best answer in,“Is homework harmful or helpful research?”

Now taking at the positive side, you will come across with its negative features faced by many students in daily schedule.

Research that highlights its negative side

  • A Stanford researcher states that too much of time spent on homework can lead to more stress, lack of balance, problems related to health and social alienation. It is also stated that there should be not more than two hours of homework.
  • Recent research by various agencies state that there is an increase in the regular homework that students are getting at all the levels from kindergarten to high school which is really excessive to deal with.
  • National Education Association and NPTA has suggested that there should be a system of 10 minutes of homework per grade level, which means for a first-grade kid it should hardly take 10 to 15 minutes.  But it is not seen in reality; children spend hours to complete the work given to them.
  • 70 percent of the students believe that they are always in stress due to the homework they get on daily basis. Less than 1 percent students stated that homework was not stressful for them.
  • Research states that if too much time is spent on homework, then children find it very difficult to devote time for other life skills.
  • A study at a New York University stated that children faced a lot of psychological issues while dealing with homework like some serious health hazards, a lot of stress, exhaustion and even drug abuse.


  • Many students find homework pointless and state that it takes 3 to 4 hours daily to complete their work.

Conclusion-Is homework harmful or helpful research

Thus, we can say from the various concluded researches that homework has two sides to it that are positive and negative. The positive aspect being that you get adequate practice and knowledge. You understand your subjects in a better way and it eventually helps in exams.

It is a useful tool for learning time management. But there can be adverse effects if homework is in excess such as stress and fatigue, health issues, lack of social skills, and less time for self. Completely getting rid of homework is not the solution. But steps should be taken that it is in a limit that students treat it as a learning activity but not as a burden. Thus the above steps will help the students get to know-Is homework harmful or helpful pros and cons?

Students will come to know about the bad and good points of homework, where they will come across with such points how to study well to make their stand better in class. This will definitely increase their grades in exams.