Is Homework Harmful or Helpful for Overall Development of Students?

27 Jun Is Homework Harmful or Helpful for Overall Development of Students?

We all are quite accustomed to the word homework from our childhood. It is an essential part of this career-oriented education system.

Homework is the best option for all students to express themselves and it is one of the ways to judge the ability and efficiency of a student. But most of the students do not really bit serious about their homework. They even do not want to know that “is homework harmful or helpful?”for them.

Here we are going to discuss whether homework is really good for students or not:

  • Students generally do not want to study after the school hours at home. But further study is necessary for exploring their knowledge.
  • Homework forces the students to do a further study so they can cope up with the subject topic and hence their knowledge is developed.
  • Teacher must know that excess homework can create a huge pressure on the students. Maybe they have to sacrifice the leisure time or play time.So teachers must be aware of that and infant must be excused from doing homework.
  • For doing homework and assignment, students need to read lots of books, journals, magazines, newspaper, etc. It increases student’s reading and learning ability thus enhance their knowledge.
  • Students need to write lots of information while doing their homework or assignments. There they have to express their thoughts and ideas by their own So it enhances their writing skills, vocabulary power and creativity.
  • Often students need to work hard for making their assignment innovative and different from others.
  • Sometimes it may be the cause of great exhaustion for a student. If students can overcome this, if they can give their best they will be successful, and then one can realise that “is homework harmful or helpful for them?”
  • It helps to prepare students for their exams and tests so that student can achieve good academics and as well as good grades. Hence, students can build a bright career and a bright future for themselves.

Sometimes students get frustrated with their homework and lose interest in their learning. Parents and teacher both must be very careful about this. Students require an expert assistance for doing their homework, for that reason they can hire professional tutors.

Now, they can get in touch with several subjects. Teachers, who help them in the problems of their study to make a clear conceptabout the subject,explore their knowledge in that subject. Sometimes the parents or any elder family members of students also involve themselves in their study for assist them. This interaction helps students to create a healthy relationship with the parents and another family member too.

But often this homework issue can be an important reason for family conflict also. Maybe the parents are unable to give enough time or environment to the kids for doing their homework;as a result, the children achieve poor academics.

This increases their anxiety and mental stress. So the students and the family must be careful enough about it and try to take the homework in a right spirit. I am sure both of them can understand that,is homework harmful or helpful for them or not.

Things to Remember:

We all know that for scoring well in the exams, students need to do the homework best. And for doing the homework they have to interact with several persons, refer different books, apply their innovative power. These all increase their overall brain power and confidence level.

These are the key factors of getting a sure success in every aspect of life.But students and parents must be careful about the overall growth of health of a student. Sometimes excess homework may be a reason for your health problems.

As homework helps to Increase our brain power, explore our knowledge and enhance our confidence level, so it is the key factor that makes us bold enough to take all kind of challenges in present and future as well.

If you want to know more you can look for information; there you can get more points about the positive and negative effects of homework.

I will suggest you that take it in a positive mind, leave debating on who invented homework and school for the students?As homework help you to learn the subject perfectly, increase your language and vocabulary power, explore your overall knowledge, enhance your problem-solving ability and your interpersonal skills and prepare yourself perfectly for taking all kind of challenges such as tests, exams and competition.

I believe it is the best weapon of a student for fighting in the field of education to win their future. This will not only make your educated but this will make you a perfect human being. Now you have to decide, “is homework harmful or helpfulwith your own.