Is Homework Good or Bad, Know More About It

27 Jun Is Homework Good or Bad, Know More About It

The debate about “is homework good or bad?” is there in the scene for many years now without any conclusion. On one side, you will find people who support the idea of homework and they believe in its efficiency and benefits.

On the other side, you will find many detractors who strongly recommend that schools should stop assigning homework to students and give them the freedom to learn without any fear of assignment.

The proponents for homework also dwell on the thought that how much homework is good for a student in his or her standard. Educators, parents, students, teachers and also public in general hold different views which are highly divided on the issue of homework since a long period. But with time the numbers of detractors may have grown slowly it seems.

Recent Reports:

There are few schools in the United States and other places which practices no-homework policy. Francois Hollande, the president of France also did propose a similar no-homework policy in his education reformation plans recently.

His logic behind this is that some students get help from parents in completing their homework, but some other students do not get any sort of help from parents. So in order to have the same level for measuring the performance of each student, this is needed.

The experts are fairly divided in views when it comes to the topic- is homework good or bad. Some educators think that homework and the level of achievement of students are positively correlated.

Some other researchers are of the view that assignment of homework does not serve any good purpose and it rarely leads to the enhanced academic success of students. Alfie Kohn is renowned educators who have written the book “The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing.”  Clearly, suggests his strong negative thoughts for assignment.

Now let us consider the pros and cons of the topic – is homework good or bad? Please have a glimpse on the following points and then you can conclude an informed recommendation and decision of the value.

The pros are:

  • Home assignments are generally prepared to help students in clarifying and consolidating regarding the lessons taught in the school that day.
  • Homework encourages practice with concepts, content and skills.
  • It generally enhances the performance in upcoming exams or standardized tests.
  • It can be thought of as an extension for classwork which offers students in achieving the mastery of skills or contents that have to be memorised.
  • Since pupils are occupied with so many activities that run short of time in the day to completely grasp all the information they receive during classes. So homework helps in rote learning.
  • The score and the homework paper after being checked by teacher gives parents a clear understanding of how their kids are doing in class academically.
  • Homework as a whole builds some good qualities like time management, self-discipline, research skills in an individual.
  • When you are busy finishing your homework you get less time for useless habits like watching TV, video games, etc. and promotes study habits.
  • Homework would enhance interest in classwork if it corrected by the teacher quickly.

The cons are:

  • It the duty of teachers to correct the homework quickly or else usually students gets lose interest or get frustrated as the class has already moved on to a new chapter.
  • Too much of it can become very stressful and burdensome at times.
  • The overburden of homework disrupts family life as they are busy finishing the work all the time and cannot partake in household chores, which is also an important learning process.
  • Some relatives or parents indulge in doing homework instead of the students, to help them. But this is completely wrong as the student learns nothing but get good grades in class.
  • As students they need to activate their mind by relaxing, pursuing sports and playing or doing other hobbies.
  • Students usually get tired when they need to complete homework after spending a long day in school.
  • In order to submit homework on the due date, students keep awake late at night.
  • Homework sometimes turns into busywork which is meaningless and doesn’t encourage proper learning.
  • Some students who are more resourceful and belong to upper-class homes get better help with their homework than others. The judgment of students does not happen on the same level.

So it is up to you, as to whether you find – is homework good or bad. But on an average, you will find more people who believe in the efficacy of assignment. It cannot be ignored that doing homework eventually helps you to do better in academics.

Teachers must be careful and should make sure homework is relevant to crucial learning objectives. The sole purpose of it should be to give students a deeper understanding of the topic and promote mastery in the lesson.

To know more about if homework is beneficial for your kid, you can check information on- is homework beneficial or not.