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What is investment analysis?

Theinvestment analysis and portfolio management assignment help describe Investment analysis as a shield that covers the different aspects of investments. What it includes is evaluating the past returns to make estimates of the future returns and finally selecting the investment type which will be best for the investors. But, apparently, keep in mind about demands of the investor and also securities of stocks and bonds.

In simpler words, investment analysis is analysing the investment performance according to its past performance, and again that would also determine how much effective it will be to the investor. The key factors of the investment analysis are:

  1. Entry price
  2. Expected time span
  3. Reasons to make a particular decision at that time

What is portfolio management?

Theinvestment analysis and portfolio management homework help similarly explain the Portfolio management as the process of taking decisions about the investment policies and matching investments to objectives and asset allocation for the individuals and institutions as well. It is also best applicable for balancing risk against performance.

Portfolio management is of two types:

  1. Passive management- it keeps arecord of the market index.
  2. Active management- it involves a manager or a team who tries to beat the market return by actively managing the portfolio fund through investment.

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