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What is International Flow of Funds?

International Flow of Funds deals with all International business transactions that result in an influx of foreign funds from one country to another. Every country engages in both domestic and international trade. Countries engage in domestic trade in a need based economy in order to exchange goods and services for a profit in order to sustain themselves and make a profit.

While this contributes to a stable domestic economy, a country’s financial position depends more on its performance in the global economy. While the concept of an exchange of funds between countries is fairly straightforward, most students have trouble understanding the processes that are associated with these transactions like thebalance of payments and KPI.

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International Trade

  • Countries engage in foreign trade in the form of imports and exports.
  • When the revenue generated from exports exceeds the amount spent on imports the country makes a profit.
  • It is only international trade that brings in foreign revenue and determines a country’s economic solvency.
  • This is very important as the economic position of a country in the global market determines its ability to conduct trade and commerce with other countries.

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Balance of Payments

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  • The Balance of Payments calculates all international financial transactions within a stipulated period with the help of double entry bookkeeping.
  • The balance of payments helps calculate the balance of trade and other important factors like trade flows. International Flow Funds are calculated by the same process.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

  • The accounts that engage in international transactions are monitored by the central banking authority of the country in question.
  • These international transactions are a Key Performance Indicator of the country’s economic condition in the global market.
  • The data thus gathered is used by the central banking authority to formulate economic and financial policies for the benefit of the nation.

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