Inspire Yourself Reading the Great Autobiography Essay Examples

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Writing can be fun if one knows what to write. Before writing on any given topic, the first and foremost task is to know about the topic. Proper research and knowledge on the theme will do proper justice to the written content.

There are various types of writing one can proceed with. Since the very childhood, our student life has been a practice of writing various essays, articles, speeches, reports etc. we know that each of these content writing demands specific format.

For instance, an essay is a generalized explanation on a given topic. While an article contains more researched information than any generally available information, a speech is written keeping in mind the minds of the audience and thus, making the presentation more important than anything else.

One of such fine writing examples is to pen one’s autobiography. The name itself suggests writing one’s own biography penning down one’s significant moments of his past that has led to the present. Sometimes these autobiography essay examples focus on a dead person while at the time it highlights the life of a living legend.

The point is why would anyone read one’s autobiography?

From some of the inspiring works of autobiography essay examples, we can clearly see the reason. Some of the works are My Experiments with Truth that reveals the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. The book is an account on his work, ideas, beliefs and the outstanding deeds he had pursued towards the Independence of India.

Other great autobiography essay examples are that of ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank and ‘The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin’.

Each of the autobiographies has an essence from the writer that reaches the readers’ mind and heart. For instance, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank was an exceptional piece from the perspective of a thirteen-year-old who speaks about her witnessed experience of the World War plight and her hidden quests. The journey of her being a Jewish to the ups and downs the girl faced was beautifully inscribed where the truth weaved in a magical form and thus, reached to the millions of readers across the globe.

The latter piece reflected on the tale of Franklin, one of the most admired men of past who contributed to the advancement of America with his inspirational dreams and actions. The book also revealed the scenarios and surroundings thus, giving a glimpse of the 18th century seen through him, depicted by the intellectual writing tone.

Thus, from the above explanation, you can understand that an autobiography not only reflects oneself but absorbs the surrounding, the facts of the historical period and a touch of time’s progression in pace with one’s passing age as depicted in the autobiography essay examples.

Can you wonder the one awestruck moment when you are inspired to move your pen in that blank page and let your ink flow to turn the blank page into some memoir?

Well, as they say, great minds are much alike!

Autobiographies are written by the author to reveal the facts, moments and significant details of the author’s life enough to give the reader a series of progression. Writing is an art and writing autobiographies demand much of it to lure the readers’ attention while grabbing their minds enough to make them see your life’s journey as clearly as the author does.

Among the several autobiography essay examples, the pieces give us a brief idea about how to precede such essay writing in case we are assigned with one. As known to all of us, autobiography essays are written either out of one’s choice or else as an outcome of assignment.

It is of no big surprise that we sit for hours thinking about one’s life ideals and journeys if we get an essay assignment. Our usual stance is to look for autobiography essay examples and thus, obtain an idea about how and where to begin with.

Ask yourselves, how does a biography differ from an autobiography?

See if your assignment deals with the former or the latter?

A biography as the name suggests is work on one’s bio. Thus, the author and the case on which the biography is worked, written and presented are rather different from the author. Biography contents show ones in-depth work on the life of the inspiring personality which inspired him enough to write about him. Writing about someone isn’t easy, is it?

However, the latter is rather a report on oneself thus, recalling the significant moments of life and jotting them down. The struggles and stepping stones of one’s hardship are presented in both the pieces. However the perspective is from two different angles in case of the former and single, in case of the latter. Thus, an autobiography is written in first person narrating his own life’s quest in a distinct, reader-friendly tone.

Autobiography essay examples are nonfiction literary reports on one’s life journey which can be as fascinating as a fiction story, thus captivating and entrancing the minds of thousands of readers with not only the content uniqueness but also the writer’s tone and skills narrated and presented all along the autobiography.

How to write an autobiography?

Firstly, see that you are inspired and willing to write about yourself. Because much as it may look easy, it isn’t so. After all deception is a much gullible factor than we would believe.

The next step is to look for certain autobiography essay examples. Great works of famous and elite personalities have been well narrated and worked on several biographies and autobiographies which can rather serve our purpose. Reading will help us know the format, structure, design as well as the intricacies an autobiography writing demands.

The next step is enumerating your moments. Yes, it is not possible to recall each of your life’s phases and pen them down. However, the moments which have been the turning points of one’s lives, the stepping stones of successes and the bouts of failures can well be listed and later be presented in a chronological sequence.

Remember you have to describe the setting, the surrounding as well as the plot to create a vivid picture in the readers’ imagination. Once done, you may gradually lose your writing in your own story keeping in mind of your first-person tone.

The story thus weaved is an autobiography! Hope you love your own story.