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What is Industrial Safety?

Industrial Safety means a wide range of preventive measures required by industries to safeguard their environment and the employees if there are any accidents. Such measures act as a safety net for eliminating any potential damage due to a process that is not working properly and is uncontrollable.

There are extensive Industrial Safety systems in gas plants, oil plants, nuclear plants and other hazardous industrial plants. These are also extensively used in process industries where the manufacturing process includes electrical, mechanical, physical or chemical procedures. However, in all major industries, Industrial Safety countermeasures are very important for safety. This is also applicable for beverage or bread industries.

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Why is it Important for students to know the topic?

It is important as it aims to address all the dangers existing in any type of work ambience through protective measures and policies. This is to protect from any type of hazards that can cause injuries to workers during daily operations. There are regulatory organisations in most countries, like EU-OSHA in Europe or OSHA in the United States which impose regulations and rules for domestic businesses.

Every company strives to develop and maintain its own procedures and policies that can reduce injuries for workers, such as:

  1. Fall Protection
  2. Emergency Evacuation and Preparedness
  3. Hearing and Respiratory Protection
  4. Hazard Communication
  5. Lockout/Tag out
  6. Industrial Trucks
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is comprehended that when more industrial chemicals or heavy machinery are involved in the task of a worker, higher the risks for injuries are. It is important to analyse the work first in order to reduce any potential hazards and look for any possible dangers. It is also essential to address the hazards to prevent workers from being exposed to them.

It is important to keep in mind that industrial safety is always evolving and changing. Given that new chemicals, new machinery, changes in the work environment; new regulations and new dangers are always coming up. An ongoing procedure, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), is not only for new workplace environments. Reevaluating hazards in the existing workplace should be carried out at least once every year.

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