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Importance of financial statements:

Our Importance of financial statements assignment help team enlists below the significance of financial statement:

  1. Management

Financial statements contribute to sort the record and determine the efficiency of the centres. So the management team of the companies can take control of the cost of some declarations. Therefore they can get easy access to the productive and useless expenditures and finally act accordingly.

  1. Creditors

Trade creditors usually pay in a very short period. All these expenses are being paidfor the current asset. Thus, financial statement will help the calculation of current ratio and liquid ratio that will assist creditors to assess the running financial status of the company.

  1. Bankers

While applying for a loan, bank will make sure ofcustomer’s financial positionto ensure that they can pay their loans on time. It is not at all possible for banks to check their properties and other documents of their customers. So for security purpose before sanctioning the loan they check their financial statements.

  1. Investors

For long-terminvestors, they would prefer to check and know about financial condition of the company they are investing for. Because if they find it risky, they might change their mind and find some other company which would have a better and stable financial condition.

  1. Government

Government studies the financial statements of all business to check the tax liabilities. These records become the key for the government to amend or set new laws regarding business.

  1. Trade associations

Trade associations provide security and service to the members of it. So to serve the purpose, they might check the financial statements of any concerned business. Then can suggest ways improve or design to something new and profitable.

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