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In this age, when humanity is thinking about travelling and colonisingon other planets, moving from one part of the earth to another is not a huge factor. At present people often go to foreign countries for business, service, education and better medical treatment.  For these reasons, people have to settle down in those foreign lands for a longer period. This movement of people from their native country towards a foreign country literally termed as immigration.

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Basic idea on the subject topic

Immigration can happen due to different factors the determining factor of immigration mainly classified into two categories, they are

  1. Economic factor

When people migrate from own country to another country for some economic reason those are termed as economic factors. Such as:

  1. Often job holders migrate from native land towards foreign land due to better wages
  2. Sometimes people are bound to do the overseas job as per their employment contract.
  3. Due to some disaster or natural calamity inflation occurs. To avoid these increasing price indices, often the local people migrate to another country with cheaper lifestyle.
  4. For flourishing own business to earn more business, men often go

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  1. Non-economic factors

Sometimes,people have to move in a foreign country for some non-financial reasons. These reasons are known as non -economic factors. For example:

  1. For educational purpose often students have togo abroad to do their higher study.
  2. Sometimes critical patient needs to go abroad for better treatment
  3. At the time of war or due to political disturbances and rebellions people often migrate to avoid any kind of
  4. For some personal reasons like marriage, family reunion and other celebration people use to migrates to another country

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