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What do you mean by IC engines?

IC engines are those which have the ability to generate power in case the fuel is combusted in engine cylinder. It is a power that can be generated easily so that the work can be performed smoothly. gives you information that the IC engines perform well on automobile, aircrafts, motor boats etc.

Fuel is an important substance that can surely produce energy. IC engines assignment help will easily take up fuel that can convert chemical energy into any mechanical energy. Through fuel it can be used in:

  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Coal

Different types of IC engines

IC engines assignment help will make you aware of two different types of IC engines:

  1. Rotary engines:

In this case a rotor will rotate inside engine through which power can be produced.

  1. Reciprocating engines:

It is an engine, where a piston can easily reciprocates within cylinder. It is a motion within piston which can further be converted into rotary motion on the wheel of any vehicle.

In case of automobiles, usually reciprocating engines are being used. Reciprocating engines can further be divided into:

  1. Spark ignition
  2. Compression ignition engines

The cycles where the internal combustion engines work are diesel cycle and Otto cycle. These engines are widely used and can become a synonym of IC engines.

Thermal efficiency of engine

IC engines homework help will further help you understand the thermal efficiency of any engine. It is described as optimum amount of energy that is received from the fuel being used. But such engines come up with specific norms that can be used in order to monitor pollution released into the environment that can further happen due to burning of fossil fuel such as BSE, EURO-1 and EURO-2.

The performance of internal combustion engines depends on:

  • Numbers and volume of cylinders
  • Quality of the fuel that is being used
  • Geometry of engine

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