“I Hate Doing Homework

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There are very few students who finish homework on time. The rest always seem to put it off. Are you one of the second categories?

Every day night you go to sleep thinking that I would start doing it seriously from tomorrow onwards. Every day you fail to keep the promise. You find yourself jammed with unfinished works at the end of your day. You postponed all the works for the next day. This always results to failing the deadlines. How to get rid of that laziness?

It’s not true that you are unwilling to do the homework. It’s just that you lack the motivation to start your task. Nowadays, everyone has a high-speed internet connection at their homes. Why do boring homework when you can watch the recent blockbuster on YouTube? But it’s high time you should get rid of all the distraction. After all, you have to complete the homework to score your best. So why do you delay the good work?

Why homework seems so boring?

Before finding out the source of motivation, dig a little deeper. Why do you find homework so boring anyway? What is so bad about them? In the high school syllabus, we need to study each and every subject. No matter what we like to read and study. Hence, no one loves all the subjects.

For example, mathematics and physics have along list of haters. On the other hand literature, geography and other subjects are widely loved.  It depends on your nature which one you might like and which you might not.

But there’s no escape from the most boring subjects until you end the years of high school. In you bachelors, you can choose a subject as per your wish. Till then, you have to study each and every subject. This is the bitter reality. Accept it anyway! Now you have understood that you have no option but study.

Here are some effective ways to make homework fun and exciting along with motivation:

  • Are you alright?

No, I am not just asking this question just to change the topic. This question is deeply related to your study and homework. Are you alright both physically and mentally? Are you taking good care of yourself? Do you eat and sleep regularly on time? If you are medically alright, dig deeper into your mental health. Is there anything which is troubling you? Are you dealing with depression every day? If the answers are yes, it’s high time you seek out for help and support.

Staying in such a misbalanced and the disturbed mental state will ruin not only your homework but everything. First of all, you have to come out of the mental dilemma. Then you can focus on other things of life.

  • Is there everything okay in your room?

You might be wondering how that is even related to your homework. But that is the most important thing which comes first whilst working on something serious. Yeah, I am talking about the atmosphere of your house.

You need a peaceful environment in order to do your homework. If there are problems going on your house, you have to find out a calm place. Find out a spacious and chilled out space where none can disturb you. The sitting arrangement must be comfortable. You are going to sit there for long hours. The ambience does matter when it comes to studying or work.

  • Make a scheduled routine:

Why do we need to be controlled day someone or something so badly? I don’t have the answers but the fact is undeniable. Things remain so easy when someone else orders us to do these. That is the reason why most of the people have jobs with strict and demanding bosses. We are really bad at being our boss.

If things are left on your shoulders entirely, if never gets done. That’s why you need to follow a strict routine. Ask your teacher, parents or someone else to make a proper schedule for you. Specific limited time for each project! Finish all the works within the given time. This is the only way to be on the regular track of doing homework.

  • Change the learning techniques:

Aren’t we get pretty committed to the same old patterns of learning. We make it a habit of taking notes or highlighting the important parts of the text. These are some common methods practiced in very school and college. Time to come out of the monotonous way of learning! It’s very natural to get bored when being trapped in such sessions.

All I want to say don’t follow the said manners of learning. Whenever your teacher is asking you to write an essay, you always go for the conventional topic. You get easily bored while writing it. Simple, you are not making it worthwhile for yourself. Suppose your teacher has suggested a category. Try to find out some unique angel to work in the category.

Try something new in spite of following in the footsteps of others. Such interesting manners would motivate you a little more to write the essay.

Hopefully, these tips would help you to get rid of the Baroness. Try to enjoy every moment of your work when you are working on the projects. Research about the topics very well!

Search on the internet and try to find out the latest trend related to your topic.  If you are still confused about how to get things done, check out the simple and effective tips to make assignments fun.