Explore Technologies of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle

There had been all sorts of vehicles since time immemorial. Animals once drove them, then came the time of paddling, finally from other energy sources. This power which drives engines is nothing but mechanical energy converted from other forms, viz. electrical, chemical, heat, etc.

Depending on energy sources on which engines run, vehicles can be divided into several categories. HEV is one of them and often a subject of great interest in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. So to back students up in tackling these studies, we have our hybrid electric vehicle assignment help.

Its details and technology

Energy sources can again be divided into two broad groups. They are:

  1. Stored energy–It is kept stored in a chemical form and can directly be accessed, e.g. battery, cell, etc.
  2. Fuel driven energy–It is energy obtained through chemical reactions and heat engine operations. The best example is perhaps burning fuels in engines in cars, buses, planes, etc.

Questions on other classifications of energies can easily be handled by our hybrid electric vehicle homework help in case you are finding them difficult.

Engines that use two different energy sources for moving are usually termed as hybrid engines.Most of the times, one of these two sources is a storage and another fuel driven.Popularly witnessed combinations of these are:

  1. Diesel with electric
  2. Gasoline with flywheel
  3. Fuel cell or FC with Battery

Ones with electricity as a source are our main concern here for hybrid electric vehicle assignment help. They are termed as HEV and are developing sectors now a days, especially in matters regarding technical know-hows.

One thing about this must be remembered very carefully. All cars that have two types of powers are not hybrids. Take an example; a truck often has a main generator engine generating power from diesel. This generator, in turn,produces electricity on which different electrical gadget works in it. Hence, there is a fuel-driven generator and electricity driven gadget, but yet it is not one of the hybrids.

It is only if there were two different independent sources of energy that it would have been a hybrid engine.

HEV is a matter of pure thermodynamic and electrical Physics, and core engineering. Hence, circuit diagrams, energy calculations, thermodynamic measurements, efficiency calculations, etc. are all incorporated into it. When you are given assignments on HEV, you face all of that. That is why to lessen you pains we have brought hybrid electric vehicle homework help.

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