How Will You Motivate Your High School Child?

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High School is not just a time that passes by in a child’s life; it is a phase which is very crucial for the child as well as his or her parents. A teenage student who is in his high school years gets motivated very easily, especially by all the negative things. Therefore, it is very important for a parent to take special care of the child during these days. Taking special care never means keeping him in confinement or imposing too many rules and regulations on him.

A child is always motivated by something or other but it doesn’t always have to be what we think should motivate him. It is very obvious to be worried about your child when he doesn’t get good grades in his class especially when you know he is capable of achieving it. It is important because you want him to be successful in his life, achieve things in life. There can be many reasons for not getting good grades or being an under- achiever

  1. Laziness
  2. Lack of motivation to be successful in life
  3. Irresponsibility
  4. Friend circle in his life

As a parent persuading your teenage child to do something which he doesn’t want to do and to stop him doing something which you don’t want him to do can be a very difficult task in hand. A child’s psychology can be a very tedious thing to understand, they generally tend to do the very thing they have been asked not to do, and this is a case especially with high school kids, which makes the motivation part more difficult for the parent.

To motivate your high school child, it is very important to understand their psyche. The absence of academic motivation may lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction and may lead to negative productivity. There are a number of ways by which one can motivate his child if only you try to understand his needs and wishes.

Ways to motivate your high school child:

  1. Treat him like an adult:

If you keep treating your teenager as a child he will lose all his confidence and start depending upon you for everything always. Stop giving him instructions on every step he takes, rather allow him to take a decision of his own and respect his decision and be by his side.

 If he has taken a right decision that means he is going on the right track but if he fails just stand by him and support him and guide him through the right path. By doing so he would be able to take his own stand and become responsible also and would think before doing anything.

  1. Give him options:

If you start giving your child options when doing things he automatically gets the sense of control, that he is the decision maker here and no one else is taking the decision on his behalf. He doesn’t get a feeling that he is been frequently directed. What we are doing here is guiding them to do the right thing by just giving them options. When they feel they are not beenguided always there is a lesser chance of rebel.

  1. Keep a friendly and open relationship with your high school child:

This is a very critical stage as the individual can neither be treated as a child nor as an adult.This is the phase where a person can very easily lose his track, can get motivated to negative things very easily but we as an adult know how vital this phase is, as our high school decides are college, graduation, a job in short everything that leads to a good successful life.

 You should always be by their side and not against them as threatening preaching punishing would not let you be close to your child as they would start hiding things from you which would turn out to be very harmful to the child. Behave like their friend but be on your guard when it comes to protecting them from the outer world.

  1. Rewarding:

It is a very good technique to motivate anyone, be it a child or a teenage high school student or an adult. For e.g.tell your high school child if he scores excellent grades in her class he will get computer/ laptop or any technologically advanced gadget. “Technology can help students in motivating| How?