How to set up a Homework Routine for Your Child?

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Over the years it’s becoming tougher to make the students do their homework. Almost 8 out of 10 students fail to meet the deadline. They can never finish the tasks within time. As a result the teachers and parents have to face many hazards. If your child belongs to the same group, you must be quite puzzled. Are you wondering how to set up a homework routine for your child? You have come to the right place. This bog will offer deep insights to the serious issue of the lives of the students.

Things are not easy when it comes to make a homework routine. Do not expect the students themselves to prepare a proper work schedule. They are not even ready to do the work. How can they make plans and trackers for the same? It’s the parents or the teachers who have to take the plunge. The seniors have to take initiatives as soon as possible.  I am sharing some tips which might help you and your child. Tough there are many other professional websites to help you out, here you go.

Get a calendar:

A calendar is something which everyone has in their places. If you have a calendar hanging on your wall, you are all set. Just mark the dates and note down the assignments. Take note of the deadlines of each task while noting down the reminders. It helps a lot to make homework routine.

Aren’t you bored of the manual system?  This is the modern age of digitalization. You must have got a digital calendar at your home. These tools are gifted frequently by many guests. So why to put the device locked in the cupboard. Take that digital device out and make the most of it. Set up the reminders and alarms for each tasks on it.

Pick a comfortable area:

As I always say the sitting arrangement matters when it comes to study. You need a peaceful and comfortable area to sit and do the homework. Otherwise concentrating on the work would be very difficult. Arrange a quiet and spacious place for your child to study.  Keep the study place away from the noisy areas of the house. Prevent the guests from disturbing your child while studying.  Make sure the light and air is sufficient when your child is studying. Supply the kid with every essential tools of studying.

Supply sufficient food and beverages:

A student can never accomplish his/her goals with a hungry stomach. Hence, provide your child with food and drinks. He/she needs little breaks between the lengthy home assignments.  Prepare his/her favorite foods and drinks. He /she would be amazed to get his/her favorite foods. This will motivate the child to study hard.

Keep a tracker of each worker:

Every work needs proper planning and research. If you teach your child to plan and work accordingly, it will do well. In today’s corporate world, every child is competing. They are working so hard to secure a chair in the corporate industry.  In any kind of field, every project needs to be tracked and maintained. Every child is using computer nowadays. Teach the student the use of computer very well. Teach them how to calculate and make a tracker using the MS excel. If they master the art of making and updating tracker, they will be successful. Having a tracker maintained also helps to understand the progress of each task.

Learning the time management:

The skills of managing the time properly are highly required. Who can’t manage the time properly, can’t do the works properly. They can’t even finish the tasks on the given time. Calculating and dividing the time to complete each assignment is very important.   But don’t put the whole responsibility on the little shoulders. You have to help him/her in planning the time slot. After getting few helps, he/she can do the work alone.

Help your kid if possible:

I know it may not be easy if you are working outside. Nowadays everyone has got so busy in the work front. Remaining at home and helping the kids isn’t that easy. No one gets the time easily. But still, if you can manage, try to help your child out in is/her studies. It will make him/her feel good.

Keep the child away from family disturbances:

Unfortunately the problems and fights are increasing day by day in ever family. It’s a child who gets most affected by the family dramas. Parents always make a common mistake. They always pressurize the children to ignore everything and focus on the studies. But a child is usually more sensitive than an adult. Asking him/her to close the eyes and ignore the matter won’t help. Many children take drastic steps out of family frustration. Try to heal the problem from the route so that your child get mental piece.

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