How to Remember Homework – Top Tips and Tricks?

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The Freudian theory states that the mind tends to forget what it finds to be disturbing or unpleasant. This is the probable reason why most students seem to have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to remembering homework. There are times when students finish their homework assignments but forget them at home, which mean they are of no use.

Whether it comes to mathematics or science or language assignments, forgetting to complete or even take them to school happens to be a common problem.

The following tips will help you to know how to remember homework:

  1. Get Organized

As a student, you are sure to bring home plenty of paperwork. It is very easy to keep track of all the papers and forget to take along the finishes assignments. As you graduate to a higher level, the problem is only going to get worse. This can be avoided by organizing your study space as much as possible. On one side you should arrange:

  • Books
  • Note copies
  • Pen
  • Paper and other supplies

You should keep the homework on the other side. It is a good idea to install a go-to box by the side of the door of your room. Keep all your school papers in the box and check it every day when you are going out. This ensures you will not have to scramble for books and papers on your way to the school bus. You will be more responsible and self-sufficient and know how to remember homework.

  1. Establish a Consistent Routine

The time after school is when you get hungry and come back to home to gorge on foods. You keep your books, copies, etc. wherever possible.

In your rush, you forget all about the assignments. It is important to establish a routine and follow it consistently. Keep your backpack on your study table, so that you can access everything whenever you need to. If needed, you should cut back on various activities to get more time for studies. If you manage to set aside a specific time everyday for homework, you are unlikely to forget about it.

  1. Set up notifications

It is a good idea to set up notifications or alarms in your phone or clock, to help how to remember homework.

  • The first alarm should be for the specific time of the day when you sit down to complete your assignments.
  • The second one should be for the next morning, just before you leave for school, to remind yourself to tuck your assignments into your school bag.

Even if you know you have taken it the night before, double check your bag to make sure that it is there alright. This will establish a habit for you to check your school bag every day, and not forget your completed homework back at home.

  1. Create a planner

If you get overwhelmed by your “to-do