How to Overcome the Fear of Doing Loads of Assignments Night before the Submission/Deadline?

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Homework and assignment is a very important term in student’s life but it is not very enjoyable to them. Often they like to engage themselves in other jobs such asvideo gaming, internet surfing, phone calling, going parties and clubs etc. so they do not get sufficient time for doing their homework, forced to take the extra load for that. Often they are Unable to collect the relevant information for their assignments.

Hence, become unable to complete their job perfectly in time. So at the last moment agreat anxiety of missing the deadline and a low scoring often causes mental breakdown and other health problems to the students.

Keeping the importance of doing homework in the mind, you have to find some good way to deal with this fear. Have to psycho-ed yourself again and again to cope-up with this anxiety. And then you can overcome these problems. Is it very confusing?           Do not worry here are some good tips for all, as soon as you start to follow these rulesyou must overcome the assignments and deadline phobias.

The reason of fear

While doing our homework often due to anxiety our heart starts to pump very first, to reduce this you need to recognize the reason of these fear.

  • Feelings to be ashamed for your own inability and incompetence, often creates an anxiety in the mind.
  • Bad feeling of disappointing parents and tutors due to this failure makes you worried and creates a lot of fear in mind.
  • The academic career of a student highly depends on the gradation that they achieve for doing their homework and assignment. So if you unable to do a better work automatically this gradation will be decreased and the career will be hampered. This tension also creates a fear in one’s mind.

An early start

For reducing all these fear from mind one need to perform well and try to give their best for doing the best assignment. For that theyshould start their job immediately keeping all the other interest away.  The benefits of an early start-

  • The lesson will be still fresh in your memory so you can easily recollect them for doing your homework.
  • Enough time will be there to do the assignment well and beforehand.
  • As you have sufficient time in hand double check can be possible for the work.
  • Youhave enough time consult with some expert for the best result.
  • If you do any mistake can be rectified  those and able to submit the work on time
  • There will be no further tension to miss the deadline and to be a defaulter.

Do a good research

For making theassignment perfect and relevant you need to do a lot of research work.

Must read a lot of books and document from online professional websites on the topic for making a bold concept.

  • It will help to increase the vocabulary level and language so that you can write all your expression, thoughts and ideas in own words.
  • All these help you to be innovative hence; the assignment will be relevant and different from other.
  • If you will be satisfied for your job then this satisfaction will reduce your tension.

Concentrate in your class

Concentration is most required in any kind of job. It will help to do the best job. So for doing best assignment you need to –

  • Pay attention in all class and in all lesson it will help to understand the subject.
  • Take a proper class note that will help you to recollect the lesson.
  • Try to clear all doubts and quires on the topic from your teacher immediate in class; it will help you to develop a bold concept about the subject. Then you will able to face the challenges for doing assignment. That also reduces many tensions.

Choose a comfortable study zone

Generally, students do their homework and assignments in the home. So they must find a comfortable place in their house, where they can pay full concentration for doing their homework. Then only they can give their best to make their assignment the best. So for a better concentration

  • Select a cool and calm study spot in your house to avoid all kind of noise and destruction.
  • The temperature of that place should be suitable for you.
  • There must proper ventilation for sufficient air, and enough light should be there.
  • The seating arrangements should be comfortable enough in this study zone.
  • You can keep all the necessary gods, for doing the assignment there, for an easy access.

Thus you can concentrate to make a perfect home assignment and broom away quickly all kind of assignment phobia.


Avoid all types of destruction

Only a good study spot is not enough for concentration, you must avoid other destructive thing such as

  • Switch off your mobile phone while studying. A phone call can destruct students to concentrate on their study.
  • Avoid internet surfing if it is not required, it is another option of destruction.
  • Stay far away from television video game etc. which can destruct you to concentrate on your study.

Give a moral support to mind

You can thing about some role model, may be someone from the family or from friend circlewho has done amazing in this field.

  • It will give a moral support to your mind while doing the homework.
  • Boost up your energy level in a positive way.

Have some music

Music is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and stress from one’s mind. So you can listen music whenever mind is terrible anxious and stressful. So enjoy music for relaxation.

If you can follow these steps you can easily reduce all stress and fear for doing assignments.  Though you have to start bit earlier and follow these seriously but you can enjoy your assignment as well as a stress less night before submission the project.

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