How to Inspire College Students to Regular Assignments

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Martians coming to Earth and students going to college have something very similar to them. And that similarity is confusion.

Where college life is full of fun, extra-curricular activities and regular classes as well, how to inspire college students to regular assignments is a question which seems like a Herculean task. It is not that students are always ready to throw up their hands and surrender to any academic challenge. It is only lack of motivation and few difficulty levels that refrains students to complete their assignments.

If you are a student or have been a student, you will easily relate that juggling your time and attention to all the stated activities can confuse you to a certain level. This confusion is one of the major reasons which either demotivates you to do your work, or it simply makes you feel irritated to add another activity to your already filled schedule.

Now, if you are a teacher, your work to inspire your students to complete their assignments regularly, begins here. There is no out of the world methodology that you need to follow to achieve your desired result. Simple techniques can also work wonders. Few of the methods to inspire your students to complete their work is stated below.

How to inspire college students to regular assignments

  1. Make them think out of the box

Curbing the other activities to make space for assignments is not the way to motivate your students to do their work. One of the best strategies for promoting regular work completion is giving them freedom to perform all activities. You need to make them realise and show them various techniques how they can manage their extra-curricular activities and their assignments.

Give your students the opportunityto complete their assignments in the most fun way possible. This approach will make them think out of the box and try to inculcate innovative ideas in their assignments.

  1. Highlighting their capabilities

Students are exposed to multiple pursuits in college. Some may be popular because of their specific talent. What you can do is, use the same appreciation tactic!Keep the aspect of assignment in the form of a challenge. State them that you are concerned because you can see their potential. An indirect praise like this makes a student think twice about their abilities, giving you the answer of how to inspire college students to regular assignments.

Once a  week, select three students with outstanding performance in their assignments and appreciate their effort in front of the class. This will inspire the other students to come into limelight for which they will regularly work on their assignments.

  1. Make your positive presence be felt

If your students can feel that you are present in their thick and thins, they will naturally feel confident enough to open up. You have to be in the forefront if you want to earn their trust and respect. Once you have achieved it, you can guide them to a correct direction.

Inspiring your students doesn’t mean that you have to hover over them to make them see thepoint. Make them realise that you are present for them whenever they need help.  If a student is going through a hard time while understanding a topic, you can give some tips and insights, and also help them to complete their assignments.

When your students see that you are making an effort for their benefit, they too will feel obliged to keep your trust by executing their assignments regularly.

  1. Variety in teaching method

“A bland life and a bland work is the aversion of everyone.