How to Improve Online Essay Writing Skills?

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We all are very familiar with the word ‘essay writing’ from school level. Essay writing is not limited only for educational purpose, it has a vast expanse.  All the lessons that we have learn in our class take place in our academic life. That means all the learning and skills that we achieved in our student life are being applied in our academic life.

So our essay writing skills, starting from our school and college life,has expanded to our academic life in the form of literature, research paper, journalism,online essay writing etc.

So in the student life essay writing is important for a good scoring and later on we can take it as a profession. Hence, we all need to improve our essay writing skill from very beginning.

Essay writing skill is required for

  • The higher class students need to do a lot of research work in their final year, for this reason they have to write their theses. Essay writing skills are required for preparing a good theses paper. A good thesis helps students to achieve a better grade, which is most important for their future career.
  • Journalism is a very good option for making one’s career. It is a challenging profession and required lot of writing skills. Journalists have great responsibilities for making a public opinion. By their writing they can motivate their readers, can change public view and can bring massive changes in society. So a journalist must have good essay writing skills.
  • Writers play a significant role in society as well as for nation. Their creation such as good stories, novels, poems and poetries can bring a revolution in the society. Their writing must be contemporary which can motivate a mass of people. So their essay writing skills should good enough and it must be improved.

So, all my students who are thinking to take writing as a profession in their future must try to improve their writing skills. Do not get frustrated, some simple tips are listed below for improving your essay writing skills.

Easy steps for improving essay writing skills

Read as much as possible, more you read more you learn. So,

  • Try to read classics of different times and different nation it will help to learn different subject, help to explore your knowledge in literature,
  • Reading good books, written by famous authors helps to learn the style of writings. It enhances your vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Read the newspaper regularly it will helps to learn contemporary topic, several public opinions and arguments, how tactfully the writers manage those and support their points. It will help to learn the techniques to handle the controversial topics.
  • Try to read different essay written by different writer. Criticise them by your own, discuses someone else about it to understand their point of views about the writings. Those help to increase your writing skills.
  • Always try to read a review of a book, story or any kind of writing. It helps to know others opinions and views about the writing so you can verify your opinion with them. It will develop a critic in you and enhances your power of criticism. A criticizing skill is required for a good writing, as writer can criticize their own writing before a reader. And can do the necessary changes to make the writing relevant and interesting to the readers.

Enhance your vocabularies

Language and vocabulary both are very significant in the field of essay writing. Writer should know about the language properly,they must have a large vocabulary and must know the proper use of them. So writers can express their thoughts and idea easily. They can communicate with their readers in a simple way and readers also like their writings. So to enhance your vocabulary and learning new words and their uses you must,

  • Consult dictionary and encyclopaedia whenever you get bit time to learn new words and their proper uses.
  • Try to follow a simple syntax it will be easy to read.
  • Use right punctuations, it is necessary to convey your expression to the readers.
  • Keep a notebook and write the new words and their uses that you have learned.
  • Try to apply those words in your writing later on.
  • Always use the right tone of voice. It depends on the topic and on readers. If you can established the right tone and enough confidence in your writing then you can engage your readers in your writings.

Give enough time

Every job required a specific span of time to be completed. Essay writing is not only a job but also a work of art so it demands a larger amount of time to be finished.

  • Start early, so that you can give enough time to your work to be finished properly.
  • Give enough time to plan and think about your topic before you start.

Select your topic

Selection of the topic is most important factor, the writers can write easily on the topic of their best liking. So,

  • You need to select the topic of your own passion. 
  • Can choose a contemporary topic to grab a mass number of readers.

Collect relevant resources

Recourses play a significant role in writings as the resources are the main ammunitions of your writings so,

  • Try to collect relevant resources from different sources such library,newspaper,different online websites and several personal sources as relevant resources are vary up to subject or topic and on readers.
  • It is most important to know the correct types of notes and how much you should take for making your writing contemporary, relevant, and interesting.

Be organised

Try to keep your notes and resources in an organized way so that,

  • You can access those easily as you required.
  • It will save lots of your time which you can use for other purpose.

Be innovative

Try to write your essay in your own words and in your own style. Never copy other’s writing’s style. An innovative creation can attract maximum number of readers.

Follow the right manner

The most important factor is to sketch your writings in proper manner. The following steps are,

  • First make a relevant title with seven to ten words.
  • Then give a small introduction about your topic, to your readers.
  • Body is the main part that carries all the information about the topic. You can divide this part in two to three different pats.
  • A proper conclusion give your writing a right ending.

These are few tips for you if you can follow these, you can improve your on line essay writing skill. The parents who want to make their child a bold writer in the future must be careful from their initial stage.  Always keep an eye on them. Let them play and enjoy, let them rest and sleep whenever they feel tired but,’Are you sure your teenage child is just tired? Know the different reasons for poor academics’.Try todo your best andhelp them to overcome their problems. Give them enough time and moral support for motivation. It will help them to face the challenges and led them to a bright future.

Online help

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