How to Get Interest in Experimentation of Chemistry Science Projects Without Teachers

Chemistry Science Projects Without Teachers
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Chemistry emerges as a discipline involved with the usage of elements as well as compounds which are composed of Atoms, Molecules and ions taking into account not only their composition but also their structure, their properties and behaviour with the changes that they go through during a specific reaction with other matters (substances).

A professor of chemistry who is experienced enough to teach the same, has said that to infuse each lectures on chemistry in the minds of the students a professor required an explosion per week. So troubles relating to chemistry arose not only on the part of teachers but also on the part of parents to these students. These are also called ‘Science Fair Project Idea.’

Therefore ‘Science Buddies’ has come forward with a list of ideas concerned with chemistry projects enabling the students to explore different ideas relating to chemistry science thereby solving them.

Below are several chemistry projects which will provide you interest.


Making a bubble solution of your own is not only entertaining but also enjoyable. But often these bubbles don’t work in a correct manner because you prefer buying solutions from stores.

In the experiment in discussion you can perform tests by adding glycerine or corn syrup to the bubble solution so to make it as good as stuff that you purchase. This experiment will results in bubbles that will be mind blowing! Testing the solution by applying the above ingredients can improve the mixture concerning the solution of bubbles.

  • Time required to perform the said experiment: Less than 1day
  • No prerequisites
  • Materials that are necessary to create a bubble solution is readily obtainable
  • The experiment costs low. All necessary things are obtainable within $20 to$50 or at this prices

A Soluble Parting Solution

Have you ever gone through the process of mixing sand and salt in a playful mood? If you have performed this process, naturally you have observed how the tiny ingredients of sand and salt mix up. It’s a matter of fun watching the occurrence of mixture.  Isn’t it? But suppose you are required to separate those ingredients again one from another, the job will be definitely a boring one.

You may lose patience. Have you gone through nightmares relating to tweezers of miniature sizes, a hand lens or magnifying glass with yourself spending hours after hours picking grains of sand as well as salt to separate the two types of grains?

You need not to be panic because there is a way provided to you by the Science Buddies. In your project concerning the science of chemistry, make use of the differences in solubility between sand and salt to obtain the sample solution so that the problem can be solved easily.

This particular experimentation costs even less than that of bubble solution. You will be able to perform the above trial under $20. Not only that you will be able to obtain the output within 1 day.  Materials are readily available; you need not to search visiting shops after shops because salt and sand are easily obtainable.

Regarding the safety associated with the above experiment, it can be stated that this particular project of science must be performed under the supervision of adults. This is because the experimentation involves the usage of stove and oven and students are not accustomed to use those things. Even handling of boiling water is a risk factor which is also a part of the above experiment.

Bouncy Polymer Chemistry

Have you ever got yourself indulged in thoughts regarding how amusement toys such as Gak, Silly Putty as well as Slime are manufactured? Presence of polymer properties make them bouncy, sticky, stretchy, mouldable, soft, hard, breakable so that one who plays with them can simply indulge in funny activities. These toys delight you enhancing your playful mood.

In this project related to science you will deserve special means by being the sole developer of a putty product which will be your very own! Create the product by changing the proportion of ingredients thereby changing the physical properties concerned with the ‘putty polymer.’ By providing a detailed description of these physical properties (which are related to your experiment results), you can choose the recipe associated with your inventive product.

You will be able to determine the finest recipe concerned with your own ‘silly putty’ created at your sweet home if you vary the ratio concerned with the ingredients with a detailed observation on the physical properties. The experiment will cost you less than $20 and will be completed within one day. Materials that you will require on your part to perform the above experimentation process can be readily obtained at reliable price rates.

This process must be also performed under adult supervision. The experiment requires the usage of borax which can be harmful to pupils if it is swallowed. Handling of borax on rare circumstances can lead to the formation of rashes.

Chemistry Associated with Cabbage

This is a special experiment which can be performed by each and every kid who favours boiled cabbage. Even if you do not prefer cabbage, you will be amazed thereby glancing a look at the outstanding colour changing juicy liquid (output) that you can create with the application of cabbage. Now you can have a question that which solutions you can obtain at best in changing the colour of cabbage liquid.

The best possible solution is that you are advised to learn about Acids and Bases. If you study Acids and Bases carefully and know how to conduct tests relating to them, you will get your answer. These experimentation also needs adult supervision but can be finished within 1 day. You will require no prerequisites and will see that it will take less than $20. Requirements will be readily available in stores so that no excess time will be spend to search them

You can again have a question as to why this restriction has been stated. The reason behind this is that several household solutions can be poisonous to you if you taste or swallow them by mixing them together.

Another objective on your should create your very own pH indicator and should learn to use it in order to conduct tests the pH of a choice of domestic solutions.

Presence of Dye Eggs with the Usage of Silk Ties for Obtaining Egg-cellent Colours

Dyed egg is turning the eggshell from its general white colour to various colour shades with dazzling effects (call these colours egg-cellent colours!). The chemistry project provides utmost entertainment. Again to achieve this end people purchase dye tablets in order to compose a ‘liquid bath’ with the usage of various colours. Next what they do is that they dip the egg into that liquid. Then they wait the egg to assume their desired colour. There are several processes in which you can dye your egg.

There is one process which involves the usage of ‘silk ties’. It will sound strange to you that ‘silk ties’ which is mainly used for the purpose of clothing. But using this method will compel you to belief that how the above thing (silk ties) works nicely not only in case of clothing but also in dyeing an egg.

The process not only provides a good lesson but also enjoyable. In this science project of dyeing eggs you will dye them with the usage of silk ties, either new or old.

 Examine whether heat works finely for the process using the ties. Are you just ‘dyeing’ to try this experimentation? Then do not wait because it takes a very short time (less than a day) to complete the project. The materials are readily available and the whole process costs less than $20.

The process must be supervised by the adults as using of stove and scissors. Besides, the process demands a stove area nicely ventilated or masks to restrict dusts in order to keep away from breathing in vinegar as well as dye fumes.

Making a Sun Print of Your Own

It is obvious that you have heard of fingerprints as well as handprints. But it can be said with perfect surety that you have never heard of Sun print.

In order to create a colourful Sun print you will have to place an attractive object on a special sheet of paper concerned with the creation of Sun print. Next what you will have to do is to place it under the Sun (for a few minutes). Then immerse the said paper in water only waiting to watch the appearance of an enduring image.

Sun print papers are generally used to make both stunning and odd prints and with the usage of only sunbeams and water! Sunlight is nothing but a mixture of various colours. Testing the fact that which colour (of light) is accurate in forming Sun print images. The experiment will cost you $20 to $50. This colourful experimentation is devoid of any issue and averagely takes 6 to 10 days for completion.

A Penny Can Measure the Surface Tension of Water

Are you aware of the fact that despite being a liquid, water at times unable to enter little crevices as well as cracks. Naturally a question will arise that when clothes get coated with mud, in what process they are cleaned. Questions will come to your mind regarding how greasy dishes are cleaned and sparkled.

Taking into account several plain household objects you can do experiments to find out the solution regarding why water is unable to enter the places mentioned above. To make it more clear discover by measuring how the soap effects the tension concerning the surface of water thereby putting water droplets on the penny. Compared to the other experiments stated above, this procedure or project can take 6 to 10 days to complete on an average.

Materials required:  The experimentation requires 1ml Synergies. Besides there are other materials with which you can provide yourself and in order to do that observe thereby going through the entire list. A careful study of the process will require on your part to view the list of materials and equipment’s that are necessary to measure the ‘surface tension of water.’

A great benefit is that the process doesn’t involve a single issue. Estimated period of completion of the project includes the time taken to ship the amount of synergies (6 to 10 days) stated above but the project will itself be completed within a day.

Spaces Present between Water Molecules (when 1+1<2*)

This project of chemistry is for one who has just begun his career as a scientist. If you are the one, then this project will be suited to you. You will require on your part two ‘graduated cylinders’ of 100 ml. Not only that you will need rubbing alcohol, liquid food dye and water. A recycled jar can also serve the purpose of measuring the cylinder.

Just tape a perpendicular label on the jar and add ¼ cup of water at one time. You will have to be careful while adding the same. Don’t forget to mark the level (on the label) with each time you add. Do measurements of water up to 50ml. Then, either add 1or two drops relating to the mixture of food colouring.

Now, in the other cylinder a measurement of 50 ml of rubbing alcohol is to be done. Then pour that into the first cylinder which consist of coloured water. To find out what is going on in front of you, you will be required to do some background investigations because some liquids gets dissolve in the other. You can explore more about liquid solutions.

You can make a survey around your home to discover which liquids get dissolve in water and find out whether are capable of forming solutions and whether the volume will be more or less alike the akin to individual liquids. Thus, in this way, if you measure your solution’s weights you will get the output that 1+1 will equal 2! The process is not an easy one and can be performed within 2 to 5 days.

Hope this projects will come useful to you!

Author Bio- Having worked with students and academicians all her life, Joyce Bourkee is frequently hounded for imparting her pearls of wisdom by all, she is famous in the field of Chemistry and Data Science among others.