How to Get Away with Not Doing Homework?

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Students face a lot of homework pressure and hardly find any way out. There can be days when you just don’t want to study and do your homework. However, this is not a good practice to skip your homework very often, but you can certainly think of certain ideas to get away with not completing your homework.

There are many excuses that will help the students to get the best answer of how to get away with not doing homework?You can make excuses if you have not done your homework. But make sure that your point of view seems to be genuine to the teacher.

Here are certain ways to get away with not doing homework-

  • Know about your teacher

First of all, know about your teachers. There are many teachers who don’t check homework that often. They may check your homework after a week or after a couple of days. There can be some teachers who check homework daily.

You have to pay attention to the fact that when they will require you to present the homework. Some teachers are very friendly so you can make an excuse that sounds real and get away with it. But this trick may not work with every teacher. You should decide as per your teacher’s behavior.

  • You can put the blame to technological fault

If you require the help of technology, then you can transfer the blame to it. If an assignment needs to be mailed you can make an excuse that there was no internet connection. You can also make an excuse that the laptop was not working or there was no ink in the printer to take print outs. You can also show a fake broken CD if the work was to be submitted using it.

  • You can talk about some family related matter

You can involve family matter excuse to save yourselves. You can say that your mother or father was not well. There can be an excuse that your pet fell seriously ill and needed to be accompanied by the doctor.You can simply make an excuse that your relatives visited your house after a long time, so you didn’t get any time to complete your homework.This could be one of the ways, how to get away with not doing homework?

  • Tell that you were not well

Fake as if you are not well. Make an excuse that you had fever or were feeling unwell due to some other reason. Try to make expressions that show that you are not well and need rest. Your teacher will get sympathetic towards you and you will be able to get away from not doing homework.

  • You can tell that you left the homework notebook at home

Try to act like that you are searching for the notebook and tell your teacher that you have left it at home on your study table. Try to act as genuine as possible so that the teacher believes that you must have actually completed your work and must have left it at home.

  • Be honest

If you feel that your teacher will be able to understand your problem, then tell him or her truth that you have not completed your work. Teachers are also human beings and they know a child’s psychology very well. They also understand that there can be days when you may feel too tired to do your work and can understand your genuine problems that you are facing.

  • Take help of your parents to write a fake note

Your parents may not agree with it. But if you are really stuck, then ask for their help. Try to convince them that they sign a fake note for you, explaining to the teacher why you didn’t do your homework. You can convince your parents if you are genuinely very tired to do the work or have some other important stuff to complete.

  • Take help of your friends

Ask your friends to help you in completing the homework in school. They can even write it down for you. They can also help to distract the teacher from taking homework assignment from you by asking too many questions.This might be another way how to get away with not doing homework.

Sometimes students get overburdened with homework and they say’s why homework is there? This is because homework will not allow them to focus on other things and they will not get time to concentrate on one subject. They will be wasting their time in completing one homework rather than doing other subjects work.

Thus all the above steps will help the students to come across with the best solution of how to get away with not doing homework. This will definitely help in you in managing different activities. But, it will be much better if students know how to manage their schedule.