How to Finish Your Homework on Time If You Are a Procrastinator?

06 Jul How to Finish Your Homework on Time If You Are a Procrastinator?

Staying awake till late at night, drinking coffee mugs after mugs and worrying whether you will be able to complete your homework on time or not – is this what your homework session seems like? Well, to state the truth, this is a case not just with you, but many other students!

Homework procrastination seems like a common practice for the student community all across the globe. There are many reasons why kids procrastinate in doing their homework. Some of them are –

  • Failure to utilize time effectively
  • Lack of motivation
  • Zero structure

And apart from this, there is the universal cause of the kids procrastinating as a very common phenomenon – willingness to play more!

Kids often think that study time and homework only reduces their playtime. Therefore, they are often seen to be bargaining for a little more play, delaying studies for a little more time and sometimes even telling, “We don’t have any homework today” or “Teacher said it is optional”.

But, that is something that a kid shouldn’t be saying. So, what can you do to stop procrastinating? Here are a few simple and yet useful tips that you can follow.

  1. Keep the homework on the study table:

As a student, I have often felt this that starting off is the hardest part. Once I get started, it is not too difficult to complete the homework.

Putting the homework on the study desk can help you to get started. Trust me; I have tried that myself, and it is really helpful.

As the mind goes through the process of taking out the homework from the school bag, opening the right page, finding reference books and so on and so forth, it leads us to procrastinate. Keeping the homework right in front of you will make it easier for you to start. The brain loves to do things that are easy to start and are ready to be finished.

  1. Breaking the homework:

When you are assigned a project or homework, you usually have a week of time to complete it. This is the best part the entire task. This time is not to procrastinate, but to minimize input, time and hard-work and to maximize output, result and completing the task. For that, you need to break your tasks into a number of sections. These include –

  • Day 1: Read the text.
  • Day 2: Research online.
  • Day 3: Plan the project, how you will proceed.
  • Day 4: Write the introduction.
  • Day 5: Write the body.
  • Day 6: Write the conclusion and complete other parts such as adding charts, images, diagrams, pictures, etc.
  • Day 7: Proofread and edit if necessary.

This way, you will not have to manage too much of time in one single day. The quality of your project will be way better than what it would be if you completed it in a single day.

  1. Talk about your project plans:

Always keep discussing with others, what you have planned for your project. The more you discuss, the more likely you are to start.

Our brain functions in such a manner that it is always willing to do those tasks that it keeps listening to. Listening and discussion make an impressive corner in our mind that is always willing to try what it has been listening to or discussing about for quite some time.

This is because planning and discussion remove the fear and lack of motivation of starting. With new ideas discussed and new concepts in mind, procrastination can be warded off.

  1. Change the environment:

Well, many would disagree with this, but I have seen that it really works. There are situations that the mind would voluntarily feel repulsive about the same study table that is always used for doing the homework.

Instead, you can use the drawing room or even the dining room. This will change the environment. When I was in my high school, I used to visit the nearby café. Sitting there in a quiet corner for hours and doing my homework over a cup of cappuccino seemed quite interesting to me. It helped me complete my task faster.

  1. Reward yourself:

Imagine the success that awaits you on the other end of submission of your homework on time. It will –

  • Fetch you good scores
  • You will be relieved
  • There will be enough time to play, watch TV, interact with friends over social media, etc.

If you are a procrastinator, it is always a good idea to reward yourself upon every successful submission of homework on time.

The reward can be anything, like an ice-cream, a video game session, watching your favourite show on TV or anything that pleases you.

  1. Think of the consequences of failing:

As you fail to submit your homework on time due to procrastination, it is a must that has a fear of the consequences.

Not only will you score poorly in your assignment, but you will also need to set some consequences for yourself, such as deleting a game from your gaming device or even removing your profile from Facebook, etc. These simple fears can motivate you to start doing your tasks faster and on time.

As you follow these simple tips, you will certainly be able to complete your assignments on time. Always remember that you only need the first boost to start. Once you do so, the rest will be easy. So, happy homework to you!