How to Excuse Your Teacher for Not Doing Maths Assignments?

06 Jul How to Excuse Your Teacher for Not Doing Maths Assignments?

So, you didn’t complete your maths homework and you are afraid that you will be penalized? Well, this is the scenario with many other students just like you. Even I had gone through this tension many times, when I was in my high school.

Though ideally you should always complete your homework on time and submit it within the promised deadline, there are situations that the life becomes hard to you.

You might miss out the chance to do the homework on time and in case it is maths, I understand every bit of it. Since it is one of the most dreaded subjects, it is also one of the most common ones that students miss out completing.

Finding an excuse:

Those, who are afraid of turning in before a teacher because the homework is not yet complete, it is quite voluntary that excuses will come to the mind. Though teachers have years of experience and they can commonly find out whether an excuse is a true one or not, there are some really innovative excuses that students often use.

If you want to make an excuse for your unfinished maths homework, it is a must that you make sure that your excuse is convincing enough to spare you the penalty or punishment. Excuses like – “My dog ate my homework!” would not be a good choice.

Excusing your unfinished maths homework to your teacher:

Here is a list of the most common and convincing excuses that students can use if they have failed to complete their homework on time. I will start with the best and most effective ones-

  1. Tell the truth:

Very few students have this calibre and the personality to walk straight to the teacher and tell that you couldn’t complete the task or you didn’t complete the task, but you promise that you would surely do that the next day.

It will be a little tough for some, but it really works. But make sure that this is done when the teacher is alone and not in front of the entire class. Just a few seconds of tension and worry and then it is over. Simple!

But of course, this doesn’t work repeatedly or every time and with everyone! Some teachers are tough to deal with. Really tough!

However, if you can succeed, it will save you from inventing thousands of lies and lame excuses.

  1. Telling that you didn’t understand it:

This is the best and most convincing one. However, to tell your teacher that you didn’t understand how to solve the sum, you might have to show a few steps that you started. You can deceive by noting down the integers and starting to solve it and then abruptly discontinue as if you didn’t know how to proceed further.

  1. Blame technology:

Nowadays, taking help from technology is quite common. If you are doing maths, you might have to use the calculator or do your assignment on the computer.

In that case, you can tell that you lost your calculator, your computer was not working or even if you were supposed to bring the homework in a pen-drive or something like that, you can say you lost it, or put crashed files in it or act as if it has suddenly stopped working!

  1. Fake illness:

This is a very common excuse, but if you are lucky, it might work. If you fake your illness or that of someone in your family, which might have forced you to take care of that person, you might be spared from punishment for that day.

However, this is a very dangerous move, as, if your teacher asks your parents about it, it will be seriously troublesome for you.

  1. Problems between parents:

Though this is a very sad excuse, it almost always works. If you put the blame on your parents that they had a really bad fight last night, your teacher might take pity on you.

Sometimes, you can take advantage of the fact that your parents are divorced. If they live separated, you can tell your teacher that you stayed with your dad or mom for the weekends and therefore, you couldn’t complete your task.

  1. Tricks you can try:

There are some other tricks that you can try.

  • Submit another assignment from another class or an old assignment. By the time the teacher finds this, finish your task.
  • Copy homework from a friend.
  • Write something in an indecipherable text, so that the teacher can’t make out. But if you get caught, it can trouble you, and it will also take quite a lot of time.

What should you ideally do?

So, you must have understood how gruesome and difficult lying and excusing can be. Hence, rather than coming up with ideas that will excuse you from punishments, it is always a better choice to have your homework or assignments done on time. Are you worrying about how you will do so, if there is a real problem?

Well, there are professional academicians, who can actually help you in completing your tasks. You can hire them, assign the task to them and they will complete it on time, within the deadline. If the reason behind not being able to solve the problems or sums, they will do them in such detailed steps that it will always help you to clear your doubts.

Hence, it is an added benefit that these professionals work like your tutors. The best part is that they charge minimally that even students can afford. So, why not complete your maths homework on time with their help? Excuse the excuses and score high!