How to Excuse Your Teacher for Not Doing Maths Assignments?

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So, you didn’t complete your maths homework and you are afraid that you will be penalized? Well, this is the scenario with many other students just like you. Even I had gone through this tension many times, when I was in my high school.

Though ideally you should always complete your homework on time and submit it within the promised deadline, there are situations that the life becomes hard to you.

You might miss out the chance to do the homework on time and in case it is maths, I understand every bit of it. Since it is one of the most dreaded subjects, it is also one of the most common ones that students miss out completing.

Finding an excuse:

Those, who are afraid of turning in before a teacher because the homework is not yet complete, it is quite voluntary that excuses will come to the mind. Though teachers have years of experience and they can commonly find out whether an excuse is a true one or not, there are some really innovative excuses that students often use.

If you want to make an excuse for your unfinished maths homework, it is a must that you make sure that your excuse is convincing enough to spare you the penalty or punishment. Excuses like – “My dog ate my homework!