How to Deal with Boring Lectures in Classroom?

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Lectures are boring, in fact, they are so boring that they can put any person to sleep. Professors going on and on about some topic can make any student start snoring. This is the case of many of you out there. There are many ways to keep yourself busy during these boring monologues.

The most effective way is of course, sleep, but then you will get thrown out if you start snoring in the middle of the class. The main fact is to stay awake and keep your mind active. Even the first benchers feel this boredom effectively. Many students tend to miss these lectures and either spends time in the library or go to play.

First, you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the lecture. Though, it doesn’t help much. Here are a few tips to help you deal with boring lectures in classroom:

  1. Read about the topic beforehand

Get to know the topic that will be discussed in the class and go through the topic at home or before the lecture. Make sure that you have some knowledge about the topic beforehand so that the lecture does not seem alien to you.

Knowing about the topic from before won’t let your mind wander about here and there and actually let you focus on the lecture. Write down your questions that you might have had during your reading. Ask those questions to the professor to keep your mind engaged. Join the discussion that is going on so that you don’t feel bored in class.

  1. Avoid heavy food before lecture

Yes I know how important afternoon sleep is right after lunch. So avoid any type of heavy meal before class to prevent falling asleep. If you are hungry, have some light snacks and grab a cup of coffee to help you through the lecture.

Having soup or some salads are perfect before lectures as they are not too heavy meals but they will help you power through the course. Carry your water bottle with and keep having sips of water. Avoid those energy drinks as they will make you restless.

  1. Stick with your best friend

When your best friend is with you time will fly. No matter how boring the lecture is, you will never be bored sitting beside your buddy. Well then, if your best friend is a bit more serious in studies than you, then you might want actually to try and listen to what the teacher is saying. Well, if you both are bored then try and distract your minds by talking a bit and doing something else momentarily.

  1. Doodle

This is the time to be creative. When you are bored out of your mind, take a pen open your copy and well, you get the image. The students’ brain is not hardwired to sit quietly for more than ten minutes. Try some drawings on your copy to ease out your mind and relax a little.

Keep one eye on the professor though because I don’t think he would like art during a history class. Keep in mind not to disturb too many people and just doodle for a few minutes before getting to the lecture once again.

  1. What to do during the break

Many professors give a small 10-15 minute break in between the lecture. Utilize this time carefully. Stretch out your arms and legs and go for a short walk around the corridors. If you are feeling too sleepy, have a cup of coffee from the canteen and eat something light. Use the restroom if you have to.

Go in and wash your face properly to rub off the sleep from your eyes. Have some mint to keep your mind engaged in doing something rather than nothing. After the break, you will feel more alert and recharged to go through the entire class.

  1. Change your seating positions

By this, I do not mean to change your seat from one place to another. Changing your posture helps in breaking the boredom creeping through your mind. Do not keep your head down on the desk because you will end up sleeping. Sit properly, straight up.

Stretch out your legs and hands from time to time so that they don’t get cramps. If you start to droop down your head and to slouch your shoulders you are bound to become drowsy. Sit up straight, if you need, change your position time to time to get a bit comfortable and listen to the lecture properly.

  1. Try to listen in real

This might be a bit hard for many of you out there, but there is no harm in actually listening to the professor. In fact, time will fly by more quickly if you listen to the lecture and take down some important notes.

Avoid distractions like checking your phone time and again for emails and chats. Listen to the professor and understand the topic, if you do not apprehend something, ask questions. This will actually make you feel less bored and the lecture will end more quickly.

Always keep an active mind during lectures because an empty mind is the devil’s workshop. You will not get bored and actually understand something about the topic. Take small breathers in between and stretch your hands and legs if needed. Note down the important stuff, as you never know what might come during the exam. No lecture is just waste of time. You have to make yourselves active for every lecture.