How to Create Interest in Mathematics

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In the last few years, research work has proved that students loose interest in the subject of Mathematics during the year of elementary school and high school. A student once reached college not able to gain interest in the subject which they loose from the years. Maths is a subject which is based on logic, critical thinking and analytics. No student can get baffled in the middle of problem if they remain focussed.

Masters in doing basics:

The major reason is that people do manystruggles in a class of Maths. Main building blocks of Maths are Geometry and Algebra. One needs to be strong in that particular stream.

Do some advanced studies from the books:

In school, you usually have a big books through which you can master your skills and create interest in Mathematics. So start focussing on the concept of the textbooks so that you score excellent grades in your examination.


Buy some other books apart from usual syllabus books that you can buy like Geometry books maximum of 100 pages. Practise those books regularly. Other option is search on internet to exercise sums of Mathematics.

Explore Mathematics in the real world

There are many children who are not comfortable in understanding social media tools such as twitter, texting and Instagram. It is us who help students to make them comfortable which motivate them and create their interest. In similar way, interest created in Mathematics so that it can become as a part of their career.

Bring a reasonable challenge in front of a student in the form of puzzle related to maths

Try to make student face a challenge that is within the reach of students and also motivates the student to clear it. Children love challenges and it act as a key factor in creating interest of student in Mathematics.

Use of technology in Math lessons

Children are fond of technology which you can incorporate into the lessons. There are many Maths applications available in the market that offers challenging games to the students. One needs to make generous use of the same.

Show enthusiasm while making presentation of Mathematics

Children tend to attach value each subject if you teach it with enthusiasm. It creates more interest of students in the studies.

Make use of magical math problem

Every child is keen to add magic in their life. By using magic games related to numbers like subtraction and addition such as puzzles, manipulative and board games.  Chess also helps students in calculating and strategizing.

Make use of Music: Most of the students do not make the realisation of relating music with Maths.It is taught with the use of procedural tools.

Things often come in mind when it about bringing interest in Maths is with the use of Pie Charts, repetition, flash cards, workbooks and many other diagrams similar to like. All these tools are used in the form of games and manipulative.

Suppose if you want to give children knowledge about money, then one can make use of coins and some bill to teach a student worth of money and bills both. Relation of two with each other is also explained.  By making use of manipulative one can use hand to hand.

Education through manipulative games

It comes in the form of sizes, colors and shapes. It helps in giving student a three dimensional picture for doing masters in the concepts. Some other different forms of manipulative; teacher preferred to make use in creating interests in Mathematics such as cards, rods and tiles.

The common form of manipulative games used by a teacher is Cuisenaire rods that are collection of rectangular form of rods which is different in color and size. You can also use this tool in studying the basics of division, multiplication, subtraction and addition.

Other manipulative considered for learning addition and subtraction. It helps children in teaching about pyramids, cylinders, cubes, spheres. It also makes a student to learn the geometric relationships.

Form plastic helps in learning about fractions. It makes children understanding about small things and big things.

Games that the part of teaching Mathematics

  • Sum SwampGame

It is for beginners who are learning Maths. It helps in practicing such a division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

  • Tic Tac twice fun game

In this game, players use two boards at once. In this player need to launch four playing pieces such row across up, diagonal and based on algebraic principles.

  • Geoshapes

This is a little more challenging game. It will help in planning in strategies and calculation of practices.

Need to practice the problem every day

Regular practising of Maths in understanding the basic concepts and also create a sense of enthusiasm in a student. Mind of children becomes habitual of solving techniques of Mathematics.

Start with the easy questions

Student should never take tough problems in the starting as finding a question difficult may lose the interest of the student in subject.

Mixing various problems:  Solving the same kind of question repeatedly will never create an interest of a student.  The point is that need to mix different forms of questions such as one of Algebra or Geometry to make subject interesting. It helps in making your concepts more cleared and prepares for you any kind of tough question.

Group Studies

When a student studies in company or group, they get an opportunity to share insights and views about a problem. They get new ideas to solve a particular problem.

Solve question step by step

One must solve a problem step by step. It leaves fewer chances of having an error. The other advantage is that in Maths, a student also gets marks of following steps of a particular question.

Get rid of Maths Anxiety

Students and teachers make use of positive words and patient approach in removing anxiety. One need to adopt a systematic approach,do regular solving the difficult problems, group studies so as to remove anxiety and develop more interest in Mathematics.

Mathematic is a terror for many students, but if you follow the simple steps that are mentioned in a blog, then all problems will be solved in minutes and you can easily transform Mathematics subject into your career.