How to Convince Your Maths Teacher That Your Homework Is Good?

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It is a constant occurrence with me that my maths homework never got full marks. Starting from mid-school up to pre-high-school, I was completely disgusted with this subject. Initially, I used to think that it was the teacher who never thought that my work was up to the mark. However, even with a change of teachers, there was no such improvement in my work marks.

In fact, my dejection level reached a point when I really wanted to leave this subject out from my high school studies. However, it was my sheer determination to pursue further studies with this subject that made me stick on to it even after constant failures. That is when I finally decided to take a step and ensure that my homework marks needed to be pulled up.

Why did such a thing create problems?

It was quite a point to wonder that when my grades were considered, or for that matter my love for the subject was taken into account, mathematics was always at the top of the list. However, when the point came for homework, I was always left behind.

Though speaking apparently, this may not pose a major problem for many students, however, when it came to me, it actually became an issue to consider. I really wanted to solve this problem. Hence, keeping this in mind I decided to try out new techniques that would surely frame a step for me to go ahead in convincing my maths teacher that I was actually good at my homework, and also the quality of my work was equally good.

Strategies to ensure that my homework was good enough for my teacher:

When a person has a negative thought about you, it is quite a difficult feat to change that intro something positive and better. Keeping this aspect in mind, on my part, however, good I might have tried, to a certain extent, my efforts were being overlooked.

However, I was determined to prove to my teacher that my homework was actually good enough and had the same quality as other students, deserving equally high marks. Well, in this regard, I would like to share that I was successful to a great extent in my motive of convincing my teacher of the positive aspects of my homework.

Here are some tips to ensure that your maths teacher is convinced of your quality of homework. You too can try these strategies out. Trust me; you are bound to get help!

Strategy 1: Be regular with homework

Well, here I have to agree that I was not quite one of those most obedient students in class. Though in most cases I used to complete my work, yet there have been times when I have simply not bothered to complete my homework, infuriating the teacher.

This is something that I immediately stopped. From the very first day at high school, I was always regular with my maths homework. Since my reputation of not completing my work had already spread off to long areas, I was sure that I gave my teacher no reason to complain.

Not just that, there have been moments when I have gone up to my teacher to explain to him the manner in which I had done a particular sum, and what my thoughts on it were. These little conversations surely helped me convince my maths teacher of my work and also better my reputation in school.

Strategy 2: Follow the method that is being taught at school

I had always been a student who was extremely conscious of the way maths was being taught in school and hence wanted to try out something new. However, in my quest of trying out a new technique, in most cases, I ended up going the wrong way. This further leads to my homework being rejected.

Taking this into account, I started following that method which was being taught in school.This to a great extent helped in convincing my teacher that my homework was of a certain quality.

Strategy 3: Bring in the reference material

This is another aspect that you too should try out since it gave a great impetus to me. I had always believed in referencing and checking out different methods prior to doing homework. But never did I bother to go ahead and share it with my maths teacher.

Hence, even if my sums went wrong, which in certain cases did, I was more interested in the process rather than noting down my mistakes. In this regard, I would say that I brought a major change in the whole process. I not only started to consult my teachers regarding my reference work, but also made sure that I showed them that my research was well done.

This indeed worked in a great way in convincing my teachers that I was on the right track, and my homework was actually a quality material. I also noted down the professional websites online that were there for teachers to check out whether I was going on a correct path to complete my homework.

You too can check this out for best results! When my maths teacher finally got convinced, I am sure even yours will get.

Strategy 4: Follow shortcut steps

The biggest problem that my homework had was calculation mistakes. Most of my homework was rejected primarily due to such mistakes. Naturally, my teachers were very much convinced that my work was just not up to the mark.

What I did was, I tried out shortcuts. Every sum has its set of alternative techniques, and I was quite not used to using them. I normally tried following the long route, and in spite of my maths teacher being strictly against it, I was hell bent on following it.

This is one feature that I changed in myself, and trusts me; this went a long way in convincing my teacher that now my maths homework was truly up to the mark.

So, in case you are facing a problem regarding convincing your maths teacher, you too can take a course of these methods and gain maximum benefit!