How to Become Better at Online Essay Writing in 10 Minutes?

07 Mar How to Become Better at Online Essay Writing in 10 Minutes?

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is to cross out the wrong words.”

This is such a simple but a meaningful line by Mark Twain when it comes to writing. When you are given any essays in your schools or colleges, it is done not to punish you but to encourage you to let your imaginations fly to the open canvas of your mind.

But to script a good quality online essay is not a matter of child’s play. There are many points which are required to be kept in mind when you wish to produce good stuff via your writing skill.

7 Points to follow before writing online essay quickly

  1. Plan of Action

You need to think out of your thinking block and not become one. The initial phase of planning starts with your creative ideas. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to write. If you let your mind run in circles, you will never achieve your goal. You need to create a complete format of how you wish to start with your online essay.

Whether you want to start with a quote or a soliloquy, the decision is entirely yours. You need to frame out an idea of the presentation of your work. Without properplanning, you cannot set a pace to your work. A distinct planning helps you to focus on your work hence saving a lot of time.

  1. Cough up some idea!

You need to think what you want to write. If you have the liberty to write about any subject, you are a lucky person! But if you are suggested or given a specific topic to write on, you have to be very specific about what are the different points you wish to focus upon.

For instance, if you are given the topic of phonetics as the subject of your online essay, you cannot start writing about thefigure of speech. Although it is a part of Phonetics, you have to write the major portion of the given subject. You can definitely include it as its subdivision, but the idea of the entire essay should remain the same. Any deviation from the principle subject may lead your work to the disaster zone.

But wait! Your ideas should be sublime and interesting in nature and not like “my ideas, my rule.” This is something you should not apply at all!

  1. Be a reader like Belle

“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you go.” Isn’t it a great saying by Dr Seuss? I have loved every movie and every book based on the ideas of Dr Seuss. Not only they are interesting, but they mirror me simpler aspects of life which I have never thought to be important!

You might have watched many movies related to fantasy or science fiction. Have you ever wondered from where did those writers might have brought such amazing ideas to entertain the audience? This is the power of reading.

When you read more, you tend to get more information. It is as simple as wandering round the world while sitting on your couch. You may not have time travelled to the Elizabethan era, but if you have a sound knowledge of that time, you can literally live in that time through your books.

So when you read various books, you get additional ideas, interesting vocabularies and many new words and idioms which you can implement in your essay to make it more appealing to the readers.

  1. Don’t Exhaust your Brain

Excessive eating and extreme thinking are not good for your health.

Every human mind is a wanderer in itself. It never rests nor slows down. Every person has a creative mind which requires a constant honing and polishing to work in a proper way. But too much sharpening of a blade can even break it.

Brainstorming about numerous ideas is a good thing, but your brain needs adequate of rest too. Just like a computer, the brain, which is an advanced level of super computer, needs time to rest and recharge. I cannot work if don’t get a proper 6 hours of sleep. My mind will wake up like a slouching sloth which is something I do not wish for myself!

When your brain gets proper rest, you automatically feel revitalized and at that time any idea from you comes out to be something new and innovative. So always set a snoozing period for your brain to make it work efficiently.

  1. Be a storyteller

Haven’t you ever loved a bed time story or lullaby? Of course, you did!

Stories are an interesting mode of stating what you feel. The more interactive your essay may seem, the more people will feel welcome to see your point of view and relate to it. No body like a boring piece of work. If I write a boring piece of scrap, I can guarantee myself; nobody is going to read my work. What will I be left with?

A lot of my energy will be wasted, the struggle and effort I had put in writing this blog will be squandered, and I will be left with a broken heart!


That was a lot of drama! But it was a mini story!

You can incorporate mini instances and facts to make your online essay a lot more interesting.

  1. Copy Paste…Oh no no no…

Suppose you have written an essay and I have read your entire work. I find it to be anexcellent piece of work in every writing expect. Now if I copy your entire hard work in a different writing style, and you come to a certain article where your nearly close work is published under a different writer, how would you feel?

Well, if I were you I would feel terrible.

You can take ideas from various writers and from various online sites to gather more interesting factors to implement in your essay without choosing the option of copying.

  1. Rough it out!

Before you sit down to write your essay online, there is a certain important work left to be fulfilled. Before I pen my final ideas, I always opt for rough work. When you write your entire essay as a rough work, you can arrange and re-arrange your writing styles, the pattern, editing important points and many more facts beforehand before you conclude your main work.

It decreases the chances of mistakes and gives you more time to rectify any areas requiring changes.

These are some points which you can use to make your online essay better. After I follow all these points, it takes me 10 minutes to finish my work. Try it yourself to break my record!

Happy writing!