How to Avoid Assignment Procrastination? Chill and Follow These Tips!

29 Jun How to Avoid Assignment Procrastination? Chill and Follow These Tips!

“Oh God! I still have work to do? Just can’t! Will do it later!”

At one point of time in my life, this was the kind of girl that I was! Extremely procrastination-prone, work was always something that came later in my life. Naturally, when it came to assignments as well, I was the last girl in my class to submit it. In fact, there were times when I had failed to submit it within the deadline.

The query of how to avoid assignment procrastination had crossed my mind quite a number of times. However, I had never bothered to take it up seriously. It was only after a chance encounter with a psychiatrist that made me ditch my procrastinating habit and go in for a strong schedule that I am following currently.

How to avoid assignment procrastination? Some personal tips!

“It is never too late to start over! Just never!”

It was a chance encounter with a psychiatrist on my way back home from the college that made me a different person. The first thing that the lady asked me to solve was the reasons for my procrastination. I had no idea regarding this and naturally, I carried on with this attitude of mine. However, it was she who grilled this idea into my head and it was our heart and its attitude that was responsible regarding how our mind worked.

Hence, once queries of the heart were answered, the mind could easily be dealt with. It was her recommendation that I decided on setting up a timetable and till date I have been following it with amazing results. Why don’t you try it out and send me your feedbacks?

Tip 1: Set up a schedule:

This is a must and the first step to deal with how to avoid assignment procrastination.What I did was, since I knew what my assignment was, I set up a schedule that I could follow and which was not too difficult in my daily activities. This schedule was like a checklist, and after every work, I made sure that I ticked off that part from my list.

In this way, it was just a matter of time in which I finished my assignment, and it was ready to be submitted. For all those people who have that procrastination strain in them like me, make sure you follow up this step.

A planner is what you should invest in!

Tip 2: Break down the assignment:

Oh, those huge assignments! Well, not just me but everyone has a problem with it! Then why don’t you break it down? This is one of the best ways to ensure that your work is categorized and you do not think much about it.

I tried this out, and it was a great way to remove my procrastinating thoughts. You must try this out yourself!

Tip 3: Check out the references:

What most of the students who have this habit do are they do not check out the references properly? Once an assignment is given to you, it is very important that you do a reference work. A bad research work can hamper your assignment and raise your procrastination levels.

So make sure that you have good research work done that stops you from pondering.

Tip 4: Draft out the work:

This is another way to answer to how to avoid assignment procrastination. Make sure that you have a draft ready before you actually do the assignment. This draft will help you to clarify all your mistakes and help you to present a perfect assignment and that too on time.

Tip 5: Set up a group for study:

As one of the most effective ways against procrastination, a group study is of real help. I formed a close-knit group of friends who knew about my habit of procrastinating and we used to set a deadline for which we had to complete the assignment.

Trust me, with a deadline set and my friends in tow; I had absolutely no idea when time flew and when I would complete my work. It was all done in a jiffy! Dumping the whole aspect of procrastination, I found a new technique of work completion, and I have benefited highly from it. As one of the best answers to how to avoid assignment procrastination,you must try this out!

Tip 6: Promise yourself incentives:

What better than completing your job for a pair of goodies? Start up and end your work within a fixed time for a pair of goodies and bingo! Your procrastination habit can go for a long walk.  I did try this out, and the results were pretty good!

If there is something that you should carry out at the first step, then figure out your reasons for this habit of procrastination.

Trust me with this; you would not find something worth it. If you at all found reasons, then make sure you delete them completely and fall back on these tips. It will deliver correct solutions for how to avoid assignment procrastination in a jiffy! If you have other ideas, then you too can share them with me. Would be more than happy to hear!