How Swot Analysis Helps a Student to Acquire Competitive Advantage in Studies?

05 Jul How Swot Analysis Helps a Student to Acquire Competitive Advantage in Studies?

Everyone’s greatest weakness lies in giving up things. The most certain way to succeed is always trying just one more time.”

If you are serious about your studies and want to achieve excellence, then it is quite certain that you would adopt different approach in studies. This could make you efficient enough to score more. By now, you must know about SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Thread) analysis which is usually adopted by students while pursuing their marketing course. But, if you implement the strategy in your personal and academic life, then it is quite possible to analyze the present situation.

Self-evaluation is really needed when you go for overall development and act for personality buildup. You can certainly implement it at any stage of life. The only objective behind adopting such technique is to understand skills and abilities that you possess and finally, work on weaknesses to make achievements in life. Usually, your weakness acts as a barrier to grow and success!

Meaning of SWOT analysis and reason to use it

It is demanded that a student need to maintain a balanced and honest personality and to strengthen your capabilities you need to act on weaknesses. As the name suggest, SWOT is elaborately known as strength, weakness, opportunity and threat.

This analysis is actually performed with an idea to identify one’s positive and negative aspects. Through possible analysis, it is convenient enough to consider external environment which can influence certain condition.

Having a complete awareness of situation finally, leads in developing a proper strategic plan and allows for proper decision making. SWOT method is also known as TOWS, and it is developed for businesses and industries and this presently implemented in students’ life to help them take a dig into their abilities and inabilities in studies.

SWOT analysis can ensure you with different perspectives and it appears to be quite helpful at different stages of effort. You can possibly use it to:

  • Explore different possibilities that can bring out apt solutions to problems
  • Adjustments in plans mid-course. This can bring up new opportunities in life and eliminate new threats
  • Take proper decisions which appear to be best for the present Identifying different opportunities of success

SWOT analysis for schools

SWOT is known to be the only assessment technique that can be adopted in life of students which can hold can long track record of effectiveness.

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

In case of SWOT analysis for schools, you would get to know different aspects of:


  • Well skilled and knowledgeable teachers
  • Schools come up with strong ethos of openness and increase parental confidence
  • Involvement of parents in studies


  • Teachers may not be available to meet up with parents
  • Staff may not have clarity on their role
  • Narrow focus on open events


  • Active volunteer committee who will organize events
  • Help parents to contribute to curriculum delivery


  • Maintain confidentiality in risk
  • Pupil coercion to do different things

Advantages of conducting SWOT in student’s life

Before undoing the SWOT analysis, it is also vital that you learn about different steps to be a successful academic writer. SWOT comes with a simple way of communication that may happen because of program and it appears to be an excellent way to organize different information that is gathered from studies.

The main reason to go for SWOT is to identify your strengths, reduce weaknesses, understand opportunities and then come with contingency plans which can minimize threats. The assignment help services online can give you opportunity to understand your weakness and strength.

While undergoing the analysis you will understand different benefits that act for personal development. It finally enables in success and allows in betterment. The most common benefits of SWOT are:

  • Allows in developing different strategies that can ensure to attain goals
  • Take up measures and finally, reach desired goals
  • Boost up career and help in personality development
  • Maximize the strengths and also diminishes weaknesses
  • Understand and evaluate as a person

Through SWOT analysis you can easily understand your preferences and analyze personality traits. It is the best way to understand the different attributes of an individual student. Soft and hard skills can also be explored and finally enhanced which is an essential aspect while achieving excellence in academic life.

Building up the right strategy

All things good to know are difficult to learn.”

Conducting SWOT analysis is really a fun way of knows you and finally helps in analyzing situation. There are different ways of building strategy after performing SWOT analysis: matching and converting.

  1. Matching:

It means developing a connection between internal strengths along with opportunities. You need to understand the strong points, and this is an effective way through which you can take advantage of it depending on opportunities that are available in the environment. Match up with strengths to opportunities which can be highly aggressive and allows in taking offensive action.

To build up strong competitive advantage, you need to understand strength. While on the other hand, you can match up the weaknesses to threats and this helps to view biggest vulnerabilities.

  1. Converting:

It implies to transforming of weaknesses into strengths and also helps in changing threats into opportunities. Initially, you need to convert weaknesses into strength. Supposedly, you are not creative enough, and then you should plan to become creative no matter what.

Creativity is a skill which is based on growth mindset and through daily brainstorming you can surely have a creative thought process. You need to give effort, and this can finally help you become excel in academic life.

Make use of SWOT analysis which helps to distinguish between what you wish and your present situation. Need to stay specific in approach which would include key points. It is really very important to keep analysis brief and make it a point that it would not be more than a page.

Relate different strength with weaknesses to success factors. In case the weaknesses match up with threats, it is necessary to act more defensively. The analysis can be used for proper planning and decision-making process.