How Mathematics Can Be Made Interesting

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This whole topic reminds me of my situation as how I dealt with mathematics as a kid. It used to be too much complicated for me, but somehow I overcome my fear against Mathematics and became the best from the worst in my class. Now mathematics is not so likable amongst students. The reason is, that it tests human mind. Your mind will be so twisted that either you become genius or you will be in complete mess. People are good in mathematics, just because of the fact that they know how to play with numbers. The time you start playing with it, you will nail it. Let’s have a look on how you can make it simpler and interesting.

Mathematics is not complicated but a mystery, solve it

Yes, you heard it write. First of all you have to understand that Mathematics can be a game that you will enjoy simultaneously. To know how you can start enjoying the mathematics, read the below points carefully as this what I have experienced and tried on myself to improve my Mathematics.

  • Concentration is a key to Mathematics

Yes, concentration increases your work rate of mind and hence we are able to focus more. This is the utmost important thing to excel in Math. If you already have a fine concentration power, that will be great. But if you are not able to concentrate more and loses the point after a time out of confusion or irritation then all you have to check that you are physically and mentally fit. By this I mean, that exercising is the most important thing in children. Exercising involves not only work out, but sports, dance, running, outdoor games or any other activity that you are good it. Do you thing, but make sure that you do it with your heart. If you will be physically fit, not only your concentration power will increase, but you will not be diseases prone.

  • Mathematics is not a subject but a Puzzle

You love playing puzzles right? There is no specific rule to do it, but in Mathematics, you have to follow formulas. But one problem can be solved by on an average three different methods. For some method 1 might be easy, for some method 2 or then method 3. Forget all the methods that you have been doing and try playing with numbers in your free time like you do in puzzle and drive your mind to think other ways. This will not only boost your interest towards it, but you might become a master of Mathematics.

  • Understand and then relate to real life issues

To know the problem, you have to first understand it, and then try to relate to your daily life. You must be thinking that it is just a saying, but no, believe me! I have experienced it, and proved myself. SO trust me once and try doing this. You will definitely thank me later.

  • You’re a 21st Century Kid, make full use of it

Earlier, resources were less, so options for getting help in Mathematics homework was bit tough,  but now a days technology is ruling world-wide. You can a lot of help online, exactly the way you will be reading this blog. There are solutions to your problems, all the data saved that you can go through for better understanding, so many activities are there online. Make full use of it.

Homework is not a burden, but an opportunity to improve your skills

Children have a fear of homework these days. They are in so much pressure by parents, teachers, competition amongst class mates that they sometime fail to understand why homework is given. Involve our parents, or home tutors to understand the topic and then work on it. Never ever hesitate to ask questions from your teachers if you are not able to get the question right or come across any uncertainty. This is not just the key to impress your teachers but is also a method to improve your skills. Always ask and understand the question given in your homework. The opinions and ideas of our family members, it will help you to get mature answers.

Detect what you are uncertain about, read repeatedly

You read a problem, and get the points, but sometimes you do not get one point that might change the whole question in your view and then you might face issue. So for better understanding, read the question carefully for 3-4 times always and then start working on it. Don’t worry, it will not waste time, but it will save your time as the time that you would have invested on correcting the answer, will be saved.

Always remember, there is no question which cannot be resolved by you. If you will get the question, you will always be able to get the answers correct.