How Can Organized Study Help You to Score High in Exams?

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Fetching good grades is now not only restricted to studious students but is also applicable to all students now. This ensures that you are future is secure. However, not everyone is always up for it. Studying is essentially a rigorous and dedicated method and not all are so dedicated. But marks do matter and the only way you can achieve it is by organized study.

Organized study means developing a proper time table according to which you can define your parameters for studying which includes the time span as well as the areas on which you need to concentrate on. This is the only way to crack that huge syllabus and ensure that you get good grades and not flunk it. Here’s how organized study helps.


  • Schedules help prioritize

When draw up a schedule to study, it entails for how many hours you need to concentrate on which area. If you are weak in some sections, it might take you more number of hours to understand it. Thus, it helps to prioritize and decide which sections you want to concentrate on and which sections want to leave and in how many days can you finish it.


  • Allows keeping track of things

Since you draw up a schedule to study in an organized fashion before your exams, it helps you to keep track of the portions you have completed and the portions that you still have to cover. You can list them and tick them off as you go. But I personally favour the coloured stickers as it is visually appealing and livens up your study room a bit when finishing off a section.


  • Keeps touch with reality

Studying in an organized fashion helps to keep in touch with reality. Like for example, I have often faced this situation where I have allotted a large portion of a syllabus in a limited time which I obviously couldn’t finish and after which was completely frustrated as I realized that I could have dealt with much easier sections and allotted that for some later time. Also, studying in this fashion keeps your thoughts in check and gives very little window for it to waver.


  • Helps concentrate better

Often find that once you clean your room you can rest better or else there’s this nagging feeling that you need to clean it up. Same goes with studying. Once you have organized things in order and made up a schedule it helps you to concentrate better as you have set a goal for yourself which need to achieve.


  • Help find your things

Organizing your notes and notebooks in an order helps you to find it when you need the most and thus, saves precious time. Think right before the exam you need to find that note and yet you can’t because everything is in a mess. Organized study eliminates this possibility.



It is not necessary that you need to adopt this methods right before your exams. You can implement them anytime and can expect even better results. However, it is essential take you take a few breaks in between or else you will be tired from it. If you are a parent, then you can find 10 ways to make kids enjoy their education as they will always find reasons to evade it. So good luck studying!