How Can Homework Help Score Highest Marks in Physics?

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That moment when you stare at your physics question paper and tell yourself- ‘‘Wish I had better preparations! This time too I won’t be able to do well in my subject.’’

Well, remember that good things come to those who put hard efforts. Unless and until you put right answers in your answer scripts, you will be unable to score good marks in your exams. No matter how intelligent a person you are, but as per the present education system, only good marks can lead you to good colleges and excellent job opportunities.

It’s quite natural that you will think about ways to score good marks in Physics while managing the pressure of everyday homework. Should you skip doing your homework and focus on the actual study itself? No. Instead, you have to look for ways through which homework solving itself assures you of scoring the highest mark in class.

I remember an incident when one of our classmates fainted in the examination hall after she had a glance at the question paper. Once she regained her consciousness after half an hour, she complained of the paper being too difficult to solve. When the teacher inquired if she had alack of preparations, she busted out in tears that it is due to those assignment deadlines that she couldn’t manage to have her preparations well.

It was after this incident that an interactive session was held where one of our senior most teachers shared some tips through which a student can ensure that a regular homework solving helps him to score well in exams. And believe me, those tips are the secret to my endeavor to pursue a major in physics!

Considering the fact that there are many students who face the problem of inability to score well in exams, I have decided to shape those ways provided by the teacher in a way that ensures you to score the highest in class!

Ways through which homework helps you score highest in Physics

Step-1: Grasp your primary concepts

  1. Learn the fundamental constants

Being a physics student, it’s important for you to learn the basic physics constants. Some of these important mathematical constants are-

  • Planck’s Constant- 6.63 × 10-34 Joules × seconds
  • Speed of light- 3 × 108 meters/second
  • Avogadro’s number- 6.02 × 1023 per mole
  • Gravity on Earth- 9.81 meters/second2
  • Molar gas constant- 8.32 Joules/(mole × kelvin)

Learn the concepts and you will see that this will help you both during homework as well as in exams too.

  1. Study the primary equations

You need to know the equations through which you can describe the relationships between forces. There are equations which are simple and many which are complex.

However, if you learn simple equations wisely, you can make use of them while solving critical problems. The other benefit of learning these equations is that you will know at least how to solve a part of every confusing problem.

Once you incorporate this in your homework, you can surely strive for success in exams too!

  1. Know the derivations

It is true that you can blindly memorize the equations and use it during your homework solving. But it will be beneficial if you learn these equations with proper understanding. This will help you to solve easily during exams. You should take efforts to know how these equations have derived.

With a proper understanding, you can be a better problem solver as you will know how each of these equations works.

  1. Know the ‘language of physics’

As said earlier, physics involves various mathematical constants. Thus, you need to have a good grasp on mathematics to improve your understanding of physics. There are complex physics problems which need expertise in mathematics to solve effectively. Some mathematics topics which help you in physics are-

  • Geometry– to deal with problems of area, volume, etc
  • Algebra and pre-algebra– to find the unknown problems and basic equations
  • Calculus and pre-calculus– to deal with advanced concepts
  • Trigonometry– for rotational problems, force diagrams, etc.

Step-2: Apply some score-boosting techniques

  1. Utilize the correct units

It often happens that in spite of solving the sum accurately, you fail to provide labels or units to your answer. You need to remember that a missing unit will always bring down your grade points.

Thus, while reading the question, quickly think of the unit you need to apply in your problem solving. Remember that just because your teacher didn’t punish you in homework, you will be escaped from the same during exams too.

  1. Check the problem’s information

Students, often make the mistake of using unwanted information while solving a physics problem. While solving any physics problem, you will notice that the question includes many ‘red herrings’ which are not at all required to solve your sum. Thus, you need to check which information is useful for you.

Once you take note of the useful information, you need to assess what you are expected to solve. Think of the equation you can utilize in this sum and allocate variable with their respective information.  This practice will help you to solve physics problems both during homework as well exams.

  1. Revise your answers

Physics problems comprise of several mathematical calculations and equations. Even a small error can bring down your grade point. Thus you need to be very careful during problem-solving.

It often happens that we tend to miss something during the rush to complete a sum. It is due to this reason that one needs to revise his answers once and double-check before submission to ensure that everything is perfect.

Step-3: Be at your best in class

  1. Be attentive in class

Teachers are the ones we get first-hand information from for any new concept. Thus, you need to be very attentive during class hours. Remember that the questions asked in your homework and exams are based on what you have been taught in class. Thus, you need to take proper class notes for future reference.

Once you encounter a problem in understanding a certain concept, you can ask your teacher about the same. This will not only help you to have a better understanding of a topic right from the first day but even help you to work out during exams.

It happens that teachers may remain busy at times and you look for assistance in understanding a concept. Consider availing help from various online professional websites anytime you want.

  1. Practice as much as you can

Remember the old saying- ‘’Practice makes a man perfect’’? Well, the more you practice solving physics problems, the better will be your expertise in the subject. Instead of being limited to the problems assigned in your prescribed textbook, solve problems from other reference books.

Being a case based subject, practice makes you have abetter understanding of concepts. This further helps you during exams. In case you are facing problems in chemistry, refer to- when chemistry is all about practical, why do projects? 

  1. Make use of available resources

Since none of us is born experts, it happens that we often get stuck while solving a particular problem. In such a case, you can always look for assistance in your homework. You will be glad to know that there are various ways through which you can avail help. You can take the help of your teacher, parents, friends, specialized tutors and other online help services.

Now that you know these steps well, use them in your homework solving and check the result of your upcoming Physics exam!