How Can Attending Classes Regularly Improve Your Homework?

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It is very important to attend class regularly. If you miss a class anyhow, that must be on a rare occasion. It is okay to miss a class once or twice every six months but not more than that. Regularly missing a class is going to affect your learning and is also going to make a negative impact on your grades and performances.

A minimal requirement to be successful is to show up and it is same for even the classes. If you do not show up, then you are surely not utilising the opportunities provided in classes.


  • Attending classes are far more important than getting only attendance. It gives you a vast knowledge about the world and the subjects you are studying. The few more advantages are:
  • Classes and lectures are an alternative for reading assignments. Just like the books, classes provide some other insight on that subject. You may think that you already know the material and subject but attending a class is surely going to add something new to your database.
  • These new things help you to do your homework efficiently. Homework is mainly application based. Books do not provide application based examples. These are actually done in classes.
  • Now if you’re given that sort of assignments in homework, and you do not attend classes, then it is going to be difficult in solving those.
  • Class discussions and questions shared by professors enhance your thinking skills. While attending a class, it helps you to come in contact with your teacher and classmates.
  • Your teacher may give the class some questions or a topic to discuss. This discussion in class leads to some healthy discussions and connects between new concepts and directs you to think in new ways.
  • Paying attention in classes helps you to cut your study time by a greater amount. You read a textbook and understand it by yourself. When you find another person explaining the same, it becomes a lot easier.
  • Sometimes it happens that you may not understand some parts due to complexity in language the topic itself. Then, when a teacher explains the same in your class, it becomes a lot easier for you to understand.
  • Teachers may be going through the same textbook, but they always tend to clarify in a better way including some insights that are not included in your textbook.
  • Whenever you’re at home studying for a subject, you don’t specify a time for yourself. While, in your class you are thinking about that topic only for an hour or two.
  • In a textbook, you don’t get to know what is important or not. You end up studying every minute detail with the same efficiency. A teacher is an expert in the particular topic and they exactly know which is important and the main topics to read.
  • Attending classes help you to take notes and mark the important parts. This lets you know which things are important and where to emphasise more on.
  • You will see that some teachers do not follow textbooks as such. Their lectures are very important. Their lectures are different from what the textbook says, and gives a different viewpoint than what is there in your book.
  • While giving exams on this subject, you tend to get questions from lectures than from textbooks. Preparing from these lectures tend to fetch you more marks.
  • Interaction with the teacher and students increases. When you participate in class discussions, teachers get to know that you are very attentive and take your studies seriously.This increases your interaction with your teachers. They can also guide you in your academics, career and future planning.
  • Along with this, it also creates a chance to interact with your classmates and develop new ways to think about some topics.
  • It is more helpful if you take notes by yourself rather than getting a copy of your friend’s or teacher’s notes. In a recent statistics, it is seen that only 8% of students are helped to get others notes.
  • On the other hand, those who never got importance to classes are reported to score lower grades. When you take notes by yourself, you tend to register the writings in your subconscious mind and your understanding becomes more effective.

Your responsibilities:

You have some responsibilities towards your class and teachers. Occasionally, it may happen that you fall ill or for some serious obligations and cannot attend classes. This must be rare and not occasionally.

You should not miss a class just because you don’t want to go there, or purposely you want to do so. You must realise that attending a class must be your default priority and not a decision to make. In addition, you should not miss a class to prepare for another subject or do its homework.

Some students think that missing a class and doing some other work is prioritising, but in reality, it is nothing but poor time management. Studying for another subject in the expense of another class is going to affect your overall academic career.

Whenever you are absent, it is your responsibility to collect the notes from your friends and classmates rather than asking your teachers. Teachers are mostly busy and they are responsible for the lessons you have missed.

In reality, there is a strong correlation between a student missing a class and their final examination marks. Skipping a class will lead to poor performances!This is something you must avoid at all costs.