Homework vs. Play-Time? Which One Should Win?

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Childhood is a phase where you are not capable enough to take your own decisions; everything you do is decided by your parents for you.

However, being a parent also involves a lot of things to it, even if parents are the ones taking all the decisions of their child, it is important for them to understand how their decisions are going to make an impact on a child’s life. While we start going deep into the topic it is important for us to understand the importance of both the things in a child’s life.


Just pronounce the word homework in front of a child and you will see how they start running away. Being a student most of us resist doing homework; it is something so embedded in our minds that we are forced to take it as a boring and laborious task. Have you ever wondered why we always think of homework that way?

According to a study, most of the students stereotype homework as a monotonous and complex task only because they do not bring innovative ways to work in use.  Let’s find out why is it important for a child to complete his homework on time?

  • Classroom sessions are important every child to learn the basic concepts of any subject whereas homework plays a vital role in making sure that your child’s ability to memorize the things taught in class and the ability to think works in place or not. It ensures that students apply their own logical thinking to the subject by using various resources like books and internet.
  • It helps your child to gain confidence and to be a leader in the class. Confidence and the ability to communicate your thoughts well are the two things which make you stand apart from the crowd. If you are well read about a particular subject, you will surely be confident when it comes to classrooms sessions and interactions with faculties.
  • Homework teaches students diverse life skills which they are going to use for the life time. Some skills like time management and prioritizing of work are the two skills which a child can learn through the concept of home tasks. Students must know how they have to schedule their work in the given deadlines. Nowadays there are various online homework solutions to make a child’s life easier so that things can easily be managed.
  • Students get an opportunity to feel the sense of responsibility on them. We are living in a competitive world today, it would be absolutely wrong to say that you need these skills only when you grow up, if you work in a proper way keeping your goals and plans straight, you can certainly be a star kid in the class.
  • Homework gives a sense of responsibility and accountability to a child which later becomes an integral part of their life


We have discussed some benefits of doing homework till now, let’s move forward and get to know how play time is important for any individual and how it plays a critical role in the growing years of a child.

Playing is absolutely on the top of anything else in this world for a child. Playing today is getting restricted to video games and indoor games today, but actually it enables a child to use his brain, imagination, creativity and physical strength into practical application.

  • Play time is a time which will introduce your child to socializing skills in life. As we grow up, we understand the relevance of making social connections in the healthiest way possible. It’s a great opportunity as a child to learn how to socialize well.
  • It actually starts from sharing the lunch box together and playing that favorite game and never ends.
  • It is the time which provides the most comfort zone to a child, a child is always carefree and creative when he is doing something that he or she loves doing. Yes, it’s is importance for us to understand that it’s not always those mathematics problems that can make you a logical thinker. Sometimes puzzles and riddles can make a child think more logical than the mathematics problems.
  • It supports a child’s physical and mental growth which further adds to their overall development. Physical activity is very important for a healthy growth of your child and as someone has correctly said “A healthy body keeps a healthy mind