Homework Help- A Game Changer for Students with Learning Disabilities

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Learning disability influences the ability of students to perceive process, understand and retain the information. The neurological disorders manifest learning disorders that lead to difficulty in listening, thinking, writing, speaking, spelling and even, doing mathematical calculations. The various forms of disorder are:

  • Loss of hearing
  • Low vision or blindness
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders like dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia
  • Mobility disorders
  • Brain injury leading to trauma
  • Diseases like epilepsy, migraine and headache

Understanding the big picture:

These students have special needs. There needs to be some accommodations in the learning methodology and environment of these students. Has your child recently been diagnosed with some sort of learning disability? Does this make you worry how will he or she cope with the teaching at school? Of course! You as parents demand the best for your child’s academic success.

With an all-time encouragement and right kind of support, you can gift your child the art of developing self-confidence and attain a lifelong success. However, always remember that, in search of ways to help your child, look out for ways to make them help themselves.

Your task as a parent is not to cure your child’s learning disability, but to provide him/her the support to walk through the challenges. Homework help can be a game changer here. In the long run, your child will learn to face and overcome challenges on his or her own.

Understanding the learning style that best suits your child:

There are basically three types of learners.

  • Visual learners

They understand things more easily by visualizing the concept. Colors, pictures and font attract them more. Color coded and highlighted notes with illustrations, thus, work best for them.

  • Auditory learners

They understand and retain things by reading out aloud. The more they listen, the more they remember. Audio recordings work the most for them.

  • Kinesthetic learners

They prefer to learn things by doing. Activity based learning, and role plays work for them to the fullest.So, try to understand what type of learner is your child. That will help you figure out the best study partner for him or her.

How can online homework be the best study partner for all types of learners?

  • Over decades, homework has become an integral component of a student’s academic calendar. The quantum of homework has also taken a steep rise. Imagine the difficulty these especially abled children face to strive through the completion and submission of homework on time.
  • This creates additional pressure, which is not at all good for these young minds. It is not that they do not understand the concepts; neither the thing is that they do not know how to write. But, the biggest problem, that we all will acknowledge, is the speed.
  • What if we could do something in that regard? Well, when it comes to helping these especially abled students, it is very important to have clarity of the content typology and teaching methodology. Homework help provides and easy to understand and detailed coverage of the course.
  • The solutions of the questions that it provides are step-by-step with add on comments written besides. Also the materials available comprise fonts, colors and formats; the look and feel of which entice the learners and when interest is there, fifty percent of the job is done.
  • Even the diagrams are very clear and each and every label is very prominent. The answers are well-organized.
  • The learning modules have rich multimedia videos. The concepts are more or less like a story that is interesting plus could somewhere resemble the lives of these children.
  • For example, ‘parts of speech’ can be made to understand very easily by having a tutorial that has a short song. You will appreciate the magic that this technique does, when you will hear your child attempts to recall some of the words in rhythm of a song. Background music and voice modulations in the learning modules give a depth to the overall course content.
  • Students with special needs are often seen to have difficulty in understanding long answers all at a time. Hence, simple words are used to make sentences. Also, the length of words in a single sentence is quite less.
  • This online homework help portals have educators who not only are the masters of their subjects, but also, they are specialized as student’s counselor. With their years of experience helping these students, they know every trick to make the entire learning methodology interesting and engaging.
  • They provide consistent reinforcement to keep students motivated. They set behavioral expectations by demonstrating apt behavior rather than expecting their students to pick them up on their own. They are good listeners, focused and have a positive attitude.

So, don’t give up! Explore homework help section and bring a whole new dimension to the study of your child.