Homework Challenges – Why Do Students Afraid of Writing Homework?

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What’s your take on the word ‘Homework’? What do you feel when the teacher announces the day’s homework? Okay! Before you think whether I am a fool asking these questions, let me tell you that I know your possible answers. Whatever the answers may be, it is assured to be something negative. ‘‘I wish homework never existed!’’

‘‘Doing Homework- because 7 hours of school was not enough!’’ I recently came across this statement as the WhatsApp status of my 17 year old cousin. I quickly recalled the days when I had to face the pressure of doing homework every day after returning from school. And let me tell you that just the way you students hate doing your homework, the scenario was the same then too. Come on, has there been any student on the planet who enjoys doing homework!

There are students who avoid doing their homework. Some even think of ways to stop going to school as they don’t like the daily burden of homework. Many students even have bad thoughts when their teacher announce of assigning homework. I know a kid in my nearby locality who once remarked- ‘‘every time the teacher announces ‘Homework’, I wish that someone blasts a bomb on her!’’

It is not that students hate going to school or disrespect their teachers. But what makes them hate doing their homework is that they get tired with the challenges faced while doing the homework. No matter how efficient a student is in a subject, he is bound to face some hindrances while doing the work.

Let me ask you a question. Whether you are a student or a parent reading this post, have you wondered what are the problems or challenges faced during homework solving? Instead of blaming the children for submitting a poor homework, it is important that you understand the reasons why he/she is facing the difficulties while doing homework.

Since I know that the idea of facing challenges has never struck in your mind, I decided to write a post on the various homework challenges faced by millions of students all over the world, irrespective of their age or level of education. Though there are some specific subject related problems, there are several general problems faced by one and all in all subjects.

The various homework Challenges faced by students:

If you are a child or a parent who knows that a lot of time needs to be devoted for tackling homework, then you surely need to look through the challenges.

  1. Loaded with homework-

With the education structure changing day by day, formal education is getting more and more difficult. And to cope up with the pressure of syllabus, teachers often assign loads of homework to students. Not all students are blessed with the same level of intelligence and capabilities. While some talented students manage to do huge homework without any problem, there are many who fail to handle such immense pressure.

They are unable to focus on a single aspect at a time as they have the tension if they can complete the whole homework before the deadline. Thus, being loaded with homework is one of the biggest challenges that a student faces.

  1. Lack of information on the topic of homework-

I had this problem during my early days of student life. Back then, we didn’t have such advanced online resources. However, with technology getting advanced, students now have the option of availing online resources. But, teachers often assign topics which students find hard to derive information.

Neither the offline resources like reference books, magazines, newspapers, nor the online resources like online educational community forum, or the online educational websites carry information on such difficult topics. The teachers do not even provide the basic idea of the topic and thus the students are unable tomake the homework informative. Being a sufferer myself, I know how big a problem it is.

  1. Too much disturbances-

Students are often unable to pay proper attention to their homework due to the disturbances which distract them from studying properly. There are distractions like mobile phones, television, laptops, music system, etc. which divert the student’s mind. There are disturbances like too much noise coming from the nearby environment which acts as an obstacle for the student to do his homework seriously. Such disturbances are undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges which students have to overcome.

  1. Unable to cope up with the school studies-

As mentioned earlier, the education structure of today is much difficult as compared to that which existed 10 years ago. There are students who face the problem of coping up the homework with their school studies. After spending 7-8 hectic hours at school, they do not have the ability to handle the homework pressure effectively. While some simply try to avoid it, there are many who do the work carelessly due to lack of energy.

  1. Time management-

Effective time-management is a problem faced by on and all. From students to professional, time-management is a skill which needs to be incorporated by all. There are students who do not understand how to divide the time as per the homework. Students often have the habit of wasting several hours in a particular homework only. This habit leaves them with no time for other homework.

The best way to get rid of this is by making a time-table every day after returning from school and dividing the time as per their importance. Another way to manage your time is by dividing the homework into manageable sections so that it becomes convenient and easy to handle the sums.

  1. Monotonous affair-

Well, I had this major problem of monotony during my early homework days. Then one day my father came to my rescue and suggested to start doing the homework along with a friend. Students often get bored solving homework alone. Having a friend along with them from getting bored and both can even help each other in times of difficulty.

Are you are a parent reading this? If yes, you may wonder how to prevent your child from such challenges. You will be glad to know that there are certain steps which you can take to ensure that your child doesn’t face any problem while doing homework. In case your child is facing problems in physics, refer to- ‘‘How can students impress teacher to acquire good grades in physics homework?’’

Measures Parents can take:

  1. Direct communication always works best no matter how worse a situation is. Take your child to a comfortable place and indulge into a conversation where he can tell you about his problems related to school or homework without any fear.
  2. Ask your child to divide the lengthy homework into parts- He can divide his work into several parts which makes it easy for him to understand the sum and solve it in an effective way.
  3. Visit the school and talk to his teachers. You may come to know about some problems which your child is facing in school. Ask her about his class performance.
  4. Reward the child with a small gift after a task is completed. This will encourage him to do well in his studies.
  5. Make a study schedule so that he is not only able to manage his time but also take out time for some recreational activities like playing, watching T.V., etc.
  6. Never pressurize your child to secure the best grades. You should constantly motivate, encourage him to do well. Make studies an inspiration and not a burden.

Once a student gets rid of such challenges, homework will be a new dimension for academic success!