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Hire purchase is an extremely crucial topic in this subject of accountancy and this is the reason why Hire Purchase Homework Help is one of the most looked after homework help options. Hire purchase forms an integral part of any business as goods are mostly capital goods are bought on this system. So, keeping this demand in mind, even we at have created our very own team of hire purchase homework help.

What is hire purchase?

Our Hire Purchase Assignment Help team thinks that it is important for students to understand what hire purchase is and some of the basic terms and its meanings. Therefore, this is why our team has put a piece so that students get better understanding of this topic. Therefore, here are some basic terminologies explained by our own team of hire purchase:

  • Hire purchase – It can be said to be a system in which goods are given for hire purposes and the person who is hiring the goods can buy goods if he wants to.
  • Hirer – He is also called the buyer or purchaser. He is a person who hires goods from the owner to use those goods for himself.
  • Owner – This person is also known as vendor or seller. He is a person who lets out his good that means he gives his goods to the hirer for using and takes some amount of money for the utility of his goods.
  • Down Payment – This term is used in order to describe the amount that a hirer or the buyer pays to the owner when he is hiring the given product.
  • Hire Purchase price – This is the total price is inclusive of the down payment that has to be paid to the owner in totality.

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